Hike Mount Papandayan with Friends Community

Hike Mount Papandayan with Friends CommunityMount Papandayan is the third mountain that I climb, before I have climbed Mount Munara and Lembu. I traveled on 8-10 January 2016, Papandayan volcano with an altitude of 2665 mdpl located Cisurupan, Garut, West Java. It's the first time I've climbed a mountain with a backpacker community. There are some that I know because we've met kopdar (ground coffee), and this is an unforgettable story for me.

We gathered to Garut by using Inter-City Bus at Kampung Rambutan Terminal, we made an appointment and left at 21:00. Riding the City Bus was my first experience because I was out of town by chartering a bus. The bus that we were riding was looking for passengers and stopped somewhere long.

At 04.00 am arrived at Terminal Guntur, me and my friends are waiting for friends at the outskirts of Supermarkets like Bum and I take the photo-poto ria there. Owh yes I forgot to introduce her friends that Twins aka Eka she is Coordinator, Pritha, Bayu, Anita, Ainur, Veby, Denny, Rizky, Wawan, Inu, Samsul, Said, Imeh, Septi, Fina, Kandar, Yunny, Ghanda and Denny . After getting the public transport to Cisurupan, I and my friends prayed at dawn. After the morning prayers, we were startled by the loss of my friend's shoe named Wawan who was missing and strangely not my friend but there was another climber who was lost ironically, the incident has happened so often. We asked the mothers of coffee sellers and he just replied not knowing I do not understand and said the citizens there are many who lost shoes.

After the morning prayers, my friends and I rode on public transport and headed for the Cisurupan junction. At T-junction Cisurupan we ride the car Pick Up and fortune Pick Upnya strong car with 20 people plus Carier. Finally we all stand with the streets up and down the right and left turns typical of mountains that are so sharp as Roller Coaster ride. Before climbing me and my friends took pictures and prayed we were a camerlegno, every time there was a beautiful view we took pictures.

At the first post there are stalls and toilets so we are not worried and the typical mountain water is as cold as ice water in the fridge. Step by step we then and we always joking there, let alone with one entourage with fellow pendakipun we catapult sentence jokes and spirit. I am amazed by one of my friends, he is a phobia going to heights but he wants to ride my friend Mt. Kandar and we continue to encourage not to give up. We arrived at Pos 2 where we waited for our friends behind while waiting there were stalls and toilets, we ate supplies and snacks there.

After the break and our meal towards Pondok Lettuce, we set up tents and cooking. Even though I set up a tent near the trees, my friends and I were still cold. Finally we bought firewood and lit a bonfire. Suddenly one of my friends named Samsul carrying watercress there is a pacet (leech) that is still attached, I tried to turn off the pacet with salt water. In Papandayan it was so late, probably because of the very thick fog there. I am Salat Maghrib and Isha in Surau and it is very dark, I and my three friends Wawan, Ainur and Veby feel a bit difficult to see the way. Perhaps because it was cold and dark I thought the weeds were the leaves of Lemongrass, I wanted to ask the Ranger there.

After Salat, my friend named Veby road first. I was a little stranded to find the tent, after which, I warmed myself near the fire. Some of my friends are photographed and some are cooking water. There are some who warm up and fantasize about food, cooking food. After warm enough I went into the tent to sleep. I woke up to the cold at 10:00, I could not open the tent to get my jacket and socks. My friend a man named Samsul woke up after I asked for help opening the tent then he gave me a jacket, cooking water and lighting a bonfire to warm up.

I tried to sleep and suddenly woke up because of the cold bit by bit akapun fall asleep again suddenly my friend Denny woke me up to find the noodles. And after that I can not fall asleep again until morning, in the other group tent is very noisy because they want to see the sunrise. Me and my friends woke up some were still sleeping.

Me and Samsul after from looking for our ingredients to tent and tent no one who -supplied him Denny and some friends are sleeping. I, Samsul, Imeh, Said and Denny are cooking. I awokeWawan, Rizky, and Inu for breakfast and after breakfast we headed to the Top of the Hill of Padapaksa with Wawan, Samsul, Imeh and Said. The journey to the Peak is not through the ForestWe also travel down to the garbage that we carry Jakarta, after which we report to get down to Post 2. The Ranger there saw us carrying a trash bag and asked us to hand over the trash bag and afterwards we gave some snacks for the Ranger in order to reduce the burden. And so my experience with our community friends and our slogan whatever color carier we are family, thank you experience and knowledge we hope to travel again. Every trip has a different story and a different friend, love the guidance of the solidarity of fellow climbers.

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