Hmm, This Chocolate Dress Can Be Eaten

Hmm, This Chocolate Dress Can Be Eaten

Image source:×445.jpg – Ladies, chocolate is one of the favorite snacks of all circles. Chocolate is also very synonymous with women. In addition to delicious, chocolate contains one of the substances that can make people who eat it becomes more relaxed and calm.

This food comes with a sweet taste that is legit and now even comes with unique flavors and shapes. An event was held in London to invite everyone to enjoy the taste of chocolate of various shapes and forms. The festival was held in October in London, England and was named National Chocolate Week.

There all kinds of chocolate gathered in one exhibition that lasted for one week. In this festival, there is a unique fashion show themed chocolate. There the designers present with their work is made from chocolate. Wow, really cool ladies.

The beauty of this chocolate dress. (c)

The models will be waddled in chocolate-based clothes. Ouch, surely you will feel hungry when he heard the clothes from this chocolate. One of them is a dress that comes from the award-winning Chris Wayne Gregory's award-winning Lindt Excellence chocolate.

Reported by (30/10), Lindt will work with the winner of Graduate Fashion Week Fold Award, Lauren Smith to make this beautiful dress of chocolate. The designer takes two weeks to make this beautiful dress.

The dress is a simple but firm theme with an A-line cut. Some additional ornaments also become beautiful accessories for this dress. Uniquely, these accessories are also derived from oranges and chillies lho ladies. Hmm, it looks like this dress will be eaten yes. What do you think, ladies?

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