Hoax News About John Cena Killed

Hoax News About John Cena KilledFor the fifth time, John Cena back to be the subject of conversation in the media because the news of his death is the false news (hoax). This time, John Cena was reportedly killed instantly in a single accident on Route 80 Road between Morristown and Roswell on Wednesday, as reported by Global Associated News.

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This news simultaneously stirs the world of fans of the famous free wrestling entertainment event in the United States, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). But certainly this news is a lie. The accident was true, but the WWE official website itself only preaches the accident that was experienced by John Cena and posted pictures of John Cena's car after the accident occurred at the scene, but the news of his death is nonexistent. WWE party itself still has not provided confirmation and the latest news about John Cena to date related to his condition now.

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In addition to being a WWE wrestler by earning several prestigious titles, John Cena is also a rap singer and also a film actor. For those of you who are less familiar with the figure, the film titled The Marine is one of the WWE movie production box office that starred.

News of the death of a celebrity is not the latest in America. Some time ago, Morgan Freeman, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift also been preached the same thing by certain elements, whatever is behind this fake news trend.

The news of John Cena's death is indeed a hoax, John Cena himself is scheduled to compete against Rusev in the biggest WWE annual event on March 30, titled Wrestlemania 31 to be held at Levis Stadium, California. We look forward to the action end of March.

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