Hope For New Indonesia

Hope For New Indonesia

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Until now the increase in fuel prices (Fuel Oil) still continues. BBM rises, all go up. Is the increase in the price of fuel can reduce the level of poverty in Indonesia or vice versa? O state officials do not you think of the little people?

Do not you think about the effects of a drastic increase in fuel prices? Is the increase in the price of fuel is the right solution to reduce all existing problems? Is there no other way or more appropriate solution?

For the leader of the country, the raising of fuel prices is not the right solution. Because we can still take other steps more wise, flexible and efficient. As regulation limits the purchase of fuel without having to raise the price.

Because with the limited purchase of fuel will have a positive effect for the country and the world. For our own country we help save natural resources for our children and grandchildren later. We can reduce congestion and help the small people, especially those who work as a driver of public transport.

If fuel purchases are limited, automated private vehicle usage is also reduced as all will run to public transport. So the congestion on the road will also be reduced because everyone prefers to use the cheaper and efficient general appeal.

In addition, there is also a social value that can be picked, that is, there is no difference between the poor and the rich if all the same samasama use public transportation. For the world itself we help reduce global warming.

If the problem Indonesia has debt in the world bank, then the step of raising the price of fuel is considered as the right solution to pay off the debt and reduce the existing poverty, it seems this is a step that is not right because we can still take other steps more wise, flexible, efficient , even giving positive value and benefiting various parties without having to be harmed as described above.

BBM includes basic needs, so do not be considered if the fuel price is increased will be able to reduce or save the use of fuel. That is a silly assumption that makes no sense because everyone will keep buying because BBM is a basic necessity. In such a case think of those who are far below us, those whose salary is paspasan even for a meal three times a day can not afford. The rich get richer, the poor still poor and even poorer.

In addition, the negative effects after the official launch of the fuel price hike are protests and street protests that are still occurring. It is actually inefficient and less useful. Demonstrating on the street is also useless, because who will listen to the aspirations or opinions of the demonstrators? There is no. Demonstration like this will only add to congestion and waste of fuel usage which is useless because of the congestion.

And for the protesters themselves who get only a sense of tired, hungry and thirst for shouting. Money will also be wasted. If you want to march directly go to the House of Representatives, but do it neatly and regularly without any riots.

Another more conceptual and reasonable way is to visit the DPR building, make an appointment with one of the ministers or even with the president. If meeting them face-to-face without being exposed by the mass media to discuss and find the best solution for the country and the people is a better way than marching, why not do it? Does not our country adopt a democratic system? Democracy here means not a hobby of marching, but from the people, for the people and by the people.To solve existing state problems (including debts in the World Bank) is actually simple. Fight all corruption acts. Not only in the Central Government, but in the Regional Government as well. No matter how small the act of corruption is. Because in essence the free money circulating in our country is very much and can be used to pay off the debts of the state in the World Bank. In addition to free money circulation, our country also has a wealth of natural and human resources are high.

But what remains a big question mark up to now is how can many Indonesian children who drop out of school do not even feel the education bench? How can the poverty rate remain high and the country's debt for years also can not be paid off? And where does the free money come from and belongs to the people? The answer is only one of the corruptors who became the mastermind of all this.

For all Indonesian citizens let us ponder and solve all the problems that exist for the better for the realization of a better Indonesia. Let's make a good change for Indonesia beloved. We abolish the nature of egoism that exists. Before acting should consider in advance all the positive and negative aspects that will occur afterwards.

If the negative side is more than the positive side, then find another better solution. Because all the problems there must be solutions and solutions without having to add or create new problems and even exacerbate existing problems. Change our point of view and way of thinking. Do not just think of something in the short term, but think of everything in the long run for a better future too. We sync between the brain with the heart well and balanced for the creation of qualified individuals to build Indonesia to become a better and better quality country in all aspects of life.

Not only for leaders or state officials, but for all citizens of Indonesia in essence we are leaders for ourselves. So be a good leader, qualified and responsible. Especially for those who have high office even been sworn by the holy scriptures witnessed by the public, do not you fall asleep with your position and then forget all the promises to not be able to keep even realize it.

Indeed we live only temporarily, everything we do in the world will be accounted for and repaid in the hereafter. Let's align the brain with the heart well and balanced. We start from now, from the smallest and from ourselves. From us, by us, for us, Indonesia can!

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