House of Representatives Immediately Call KLH Minister, Related to B3 Waste

House of Representatives

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The Environment Commission of the House of Representatives (DPR) will summon State Minister for the Environment Rachmat Witoelar to question the entry of hazardous toxic waste (B3) to Jakarta. "We will ask for an explanation from the minister," said Commission VII Deputy Chairman Alvin Lie.

According to Alvin, the entry of B3 waste into Indonesia has occurred several times before as in Batam. Therefore, if until now still the entry of B3 waste, "This has happened many times before, cook is still happening again," he said.

Alvin added, still the entry of B3 waste into Indonesia let alone to Jakarta, proving the Ministry of Environment (KLH) has not been maximally related to law enforcement. "We want to know, the ministers so far, what are you doing," he said.

Still the occurrence of smuggling efforts B3 waste, according to Alvin, means that more serious law enforcement efforts against importers in the country.

What now happens, proves the absence of serious action against naughty importers. The recognition of importers who claimed not to know the entry of illegal material dangerous in the imported goods, according to Alvin can not be trusted.

"These kayak people, where would confess?" he said. According to him, environmental polluters should be subject to 6 years imprisonment in accordance with the Environmental Law.

Alvin stated that it is the duty of KLH to investigate these importers. "Not just relying on recognition," he said. In accordance with the Law, KLH has the task of law enforcement in the environmental field. "That's why they have Civil Service Investigators," Alvin said.

A similar statement was also delivered by Vice Chairman of Commission VII who is also former State Minister for the Environment, Sony Keraf. According to him, still the occurrence of smuggling of B3 waste to Indonesia proves that there are still many who think Indonesia is still a paradise where the final disposal of waste and hazardous waste.

The Office of Customs and Excise IV Jakarta and the Ministry of Environment (KLH) again found B3 waste. This time B3 waste is contained in 20 containers measuring 40 feet in Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) I Port of Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.

All containers of bottles, plastics, paper, and textile waste are filled with B3 waste elements. (tin/

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