How artists spill sad about Bandung flood

How artists spill sad about Bandung flood

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Early last week the flood disaster surrounded Bandung, especially in Pasteur and Pagarsih areas. No doubt, the incident provoked the emotions of Bandung citizens, one of them among artists.

One of the Bandung artists, Tisna Sanjaya spills his sadness in his own way. The man who is familiarly called Kang Tisna then make a work of today's civilization Bandung. The capital of West Java with all the problems that exist in it, including floods.

The work of streaks of land laid out in a large board was made in Cikapundung River, which is adjacent to Gedung Merdeka, Bandung, Saturday (29/10) afternoon. Two large boards were lined up in a row in the middle of running water from upstream.

Tisna with two different soil media then acts like a painting abstract works. His hands were flapping. The soil repeatedly attaches freely to the white board of the hand of Tisna.

After the painting, groundwater that was accommodated in two different containers he spilled in his face while bermunajab. Afterwards the remaining water washed in the face sprinkled in the painting.

The land said he was taken from the homeland of Cigondewah and Cikapundung. "These two lands are the soil that produces water sources," Tisna said when met on location.

As mentioned the meaning of the painting, he said, it is a reflection of the earth that looks today. Damaged by human greed causing natural disasters. As the land of his birth, Bandung also experienced similar things from the glasses of ITB lecturers.

"We see the northern area, which should be the place where the punclut tree and water absorption, air filters there instead built buildings, hotels resorts and things, if so, so water into the city directly," he said.

According to him, Bandung is now also increasingly critical condition where the current report of Walhi Jabar greening is only eight percent. The ideal number in a region that is 38 percent. "It is of course I feel sad with that in our environment, abundant water, everything is in Bandung but it is a disaster," he explained.

The flood disaster that befell this must be a reflection of both the government and its citizens. "Perhaps because we are not given a wealth of trust, the source of various kinds of springs even destructive, the wealth is not the grace of the fall even become a disaster Pasteur Pagarsih, kakeuum (sinking) is a reprimand," he explained.

He hopes, the government is no longer soft to the owners of capital who want to damage Bandung in a subtle way. Currently, critical condition should not be exacerbated by giving permission to 'concretion' of protected area. The disaster that befell the Bandung certainly can not be separated from the damaged upstream area."The government must be firm and not easily bribed by the capitalists," added the recipient of the Adhikarya Rupa grace category.

Tisna action that ignites residents and tourists who are present in the area of ??the pedestrian. They took it downstairs just to see an artist identical to his long hair.


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