How Crazy Against Cultural Tip

How Crazy Against Cultural Tip

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In Purdi E. Chandra's book "How to Become an Entrepreneur" in one of his chapters is written about the author's experience when staying at a hotel in Jakarta. There is a unique in the hotel that the hotel management ban bellboy to receive tips as usual hotels. And the suggestion was implemented by all staff including bellboy wholeheartedly.

The result, the performance of the hotel to be good. Not just a tip but also bakpia, essentially all employees are prohibited from receiving gifts from hotel guests, no tipping no bakpia, so too bung Purdi E. Chandra. For employees who are known to receive a tip will be issued.

Once a day in 2011, while still working in a logistics company while taking care of administrative letters, I was asked to prepare millions of rupiah in an envelope. The money was handed over so the process could be smooth. How shocked, the mother who received the tip money is wearing shari'a clothing. When I asked for a receipt, he quickly replied, this cost is no receipt, "this under table cost pak", whispered my friend.

Another experience, when I handed over tens of millions of checks to my Jordan superiors, the Arabs said "Indra, what's this for?" "Mr. This is for the maintenance of our 3 boats," I said. "It does not make sense, I've been exploring many countries, only in Indonesia who have rules like this, crazy country," my boss said.

So I am not surprised that the illegal exile eradication team recently ransacked and arrested officials in the transportation department, the story is not an obsolete story, many sailors feel the cruel pungli in the department.

In the sea beaten by the waves, on land brushed by illegal ponies. In 2015 Bontang time to buy site repair shop, that time the price is all more 9 million, to the owner of the shop I ask for a discount and he agreed. When the note is given to me, I check the item one by one, until at the bottom "Where's the discount?" ask me. The shop owner replied, "The discount is 350 thousand belong to you." "Oh do not change the note, put a discount on the note, ask me.

A week later we went to Bunyu island, Bunyu is north of Borneo, close to Malaysia and 6 hours from the Southern Philippines. Almost the same, to open a new site we bought a lot of home appliances site, met tauke, he was a little surprised we spent a lot, 4 millions more. I said to taukenya, "I buy a lot, ask for discount dong." "Oh yes sir, can pack," he replied. Back I check the note, waduh, where is the discount? The discount later after paid pak, it belongs to the father, "Do not .. do not write on the note is discounted 250 thousand," I replied. Tauke is just a mangguk-mangguk.

Once I was reprimanded with a friend in Balikpapan, the story 2 days of our Internet network error aka no signal. We call the technician. I ask the cashier to pay 150 thousand for the technician. After finished the money is given. Finely the technician refused, "sorry mba we do not accept tip money," he said.

The friend came to me, protest, "this bapak how, forbid us to receive the tip money but just love the tip money to people, tuh not rejected, shame we sir," I said, "his job was just fix the cable from the outside to the modem this, while from the modem to the computer and laptop it's our duty that he took over so we love services and pay time 1.5 hours, "I try to explain.

Culture gives tips that seeds of corruption and collusion, if accustomed and left will give chances to commit greater crimes such as corruption. In the government money tip called pungli aka illegal levies, I really appreciate the existence of the illegal task force. Seeing the number of people and money being secured, I think the effort of the Task Force for PUNGL peleng is strengthened again. The state spends so much money on training or comparative studies against pungli but in practice this behavior still thrives.

Warren Buffett's advices include the 5 richest people in the world while visiting Harvard University and asked about the criteria of choosing employees, "Look for 3 Things in a person – intelligence, energy and integrity." If they do not have the last one, don ' t even bother with the first two. "Regards

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