How I Can Love the Moon, If I’ve Seen the Sun

How I Can Love the Moon, If I've Seen the SunThe round earth is never alone, because it is filled with creatures, called animals and plants. They call it animals, something moving, and plants, something silent but alive. They are human beings, one part of the animal.

But the greatest man, their claim.

The wisest man, their claim.

Humans who conquered Earth, their claims.

Almost all human beings consider them to be created directly as human beings, but Earth knows the truth.

Now, humans are confused to save the Earth, their claim. They are aggressively conserving plants, the fewer human cousins, the diminishing Earth's atmospheric layer, Global Warming, they say. Soon, they changed it to Global Climate Change because some of them experienced Global Colding. Yes that is, what is the meaning of terminology.

The earth hesitates.

Although human beings are always noisy, Earth remains lonely. Bomb there bombs here, the seizure of a small area in the middle of Africa, Europe and Asia, whereas many other strategic locations. Busy to exchange things with something more valuable than the man himself, called money, sometimes paper-shaped, or just green and red numbers. Battle among humans themselves because there are who do not like any other color, but the same strange. Some are hungry and some are very full and care about the hungry. Some are sick, some make disease. Humans, ever since they discovered language, humans have never been silent, but Earth feels lonely.

The earth glances right and left while twisting. Everything is dark, he saw his friend, who is arrogant because he is the coolest and the ringed.

The human beings call it Saturn. Because the ring is unique, many fans are small around it, 63.

In the past, when Earth was small, Earth loved a rock called Titan, and sangking unfortunately, Earth gave water when Titan thirsty, gave it atmosphere when Titan wanted to feel breath, and gave Titan a green and bluish green, when he wanted to like Earth: colored. But, since Titan saw the splendor of the ringed yellow sontoloyo, Titan just walked away.But anyway, Titan brings part of Earth. Wherever he betrays and flirts with another, Earth, is in him.

The earth is praying, not knowing where, but the word man is praying so powerful, a karma that makes Saturn feel the pain of losing part of himself.

Sadly, Earth cries and floods her. For 40 days and 40 nights, he does not stop crying until many animals and plants die. He was angry, until the big and big animals died because the acne of the Earth's eruption erupted, then became extinct.

The Earth had a quarrel over Saturn, but the greatest and wisest of them, the golden brown marble, Jupiter, broke and said "Earth, you should hate Titan, not Saturn." The Earth still hates Saturn.

There, the War of the Solar System I (PTS I), where the solar system is divided in favor of the Earth and some are on Saturn. Jupiter is neutral, mediating the stronghold of Earth and the stronghold of Saturn. And there is a small blue there, the little one who is far away hypocritical, sometimes defending the Earth, sometimes Saturn.

So we formed the Surya Surya League (LSS) and took out the blue one, because it did not meet the qualifications. Soon we receive again, but he is muna. So we do not think.

Saturn's colony was angry and spat on the Earth, passing Jupiter, meteor rocks and the red one next to him, his name was Mars, who was lazy in love, splashed and furious. Mars replied to spit on Saturn, but instead spit that long blue tails escape, then spin like a boomerang and through the Earth for 74 years. All confused. Eventually the cold war began, all silent to race to collect saliva as a weapon.

Lonely and cold, LSS stopped talking. Earth depressed. What does this life mean without the Titan? Why do I feel love and hate and loss and emptiness, and cold and hot? He missed the warmth Titan swiped at him until he peaked.

He missed. His memories gave him water and his breath and Titan's reward became wet and his breath weighed like a horse.

Jancok. Asu.

He should not miss the traitorous Titan.White slightly glare. There is a piece of rock emerging from next to the Earth. Originally ugly many pockmarked as exposed to chickenpox epidemic, but so pretty because the white glow like the vagina of the goddess famous among humans in the bowels of Earth, Ken Dedes. Humans near the equator says, there is a beautiful goddess whose name is Ken Dedes who became bone seizens who have dick.

"My name is Moon, you are filled with strange and noisy creatures, I like it." Looks foreign, it seems he is not registered LSS membership.

"Continue?" Ask Earth.

"Let me be faithful and love you." He said.

Because Earth is lonely, it's okay. Actually he likes a smooth one, but rather than none, yes the pockmarked also does not matter.

Always the Moon is trying to satisfy the Earth, more exciting Titan, but there is a gnarled structure that makes the Moon feel different. The moon once asked for color, water and air. But the Earth is lazy to give, lazy sick again and not so interested in it. Their relationship grew closer, and the Moon did not want to escape, like a leech that sucked his human cousin and torn apart was still stuck.

Earth taste, Earth can love it. Try it.

The Moon Presence filled the empty Titan, but it grew comfortably for a long time. And comfort becomes a habit.

And that second came


On the day of formation, the shocking and shocking big bang LSS, created through the word of God, Trinity or Jehovah in 6 days, Trimurti the Brahma who created, or whatever it is, Earth does not care.She saw something glowing. Very beautiful, its radiation about Earth, and all LSS members. All stunned, too beautiful. Seven colors of rainbow, warm as comfortable as a full stomach, dynamic surface spurt. Never get tired of seeing changes in his face. He is very colorful, more colorful than us, combined. He is humble, does not show off his color and melt it into transparent white. But the Earth can still see the color of its color, however clever it hides its sparkle. All amazed by her beauty and humility. This is the new name Ken Dedes.

The Earth named him the Sun, because his eyes were looking at him all day long.

All the LSS institutions are scrambling to get close to him, following him. PTS II took place. And LSS broke.

The earth pursues the Sun and says, "I want to die for you".

Ken Dedes KW keeps rubbing the Earth, "I want to die for you, please choose me".

And there is Mars spit through them.

Kepong, October 14, 2017

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