How Sich Salaries Should Be Gained for Decent Living

How Sich Salaries Should Be Gained for Decent Living [/ caption]

Soon the fuel will go up, but the UMK has not been caught up yet, my friend said.

Relax aja bro, keep thinking positive because the world has not doomed if the BBM up to Rp 13,000, replied my other friend.

Can not calm bro, not yet riding fuel just all the prices have gone up how ndak dizzy, my first friend replied.

Every year the increase in fuel prices is often a major issue in this Republic and every year we also expect the salary we receive or income from the business we run continues to increase or increase. The reason is yach especially if not the price of goods around us that continue to crawl up. And it must be acknowledged that our real income continues to decline because of the crushing inflation rate that never ceased.

Then the question is, how many sich earnings or minimum income that must be obtained to be able to live properly (if UMP Bekasi City 2014 plan of Rp 2,900,000), amid the siege inflation numbers that never stop dancing? 5 million per month? 15 millions? Or 20 million?

The answer is let us take a moment to earnestly calculate how much of our life needs in order to achieve a prosperous and happy life (wow if this is already really nich life), the question is what life was worth first? Have a car, have a house, and everything to sleep well and not being chased by Debt Collector. If the author sich simple mikirnya, have a car is still far from the important dreams every month can nabung, send to parents plus can share with others.

Calculating it is easy, that is assuming we are married and have two children (if not already married, the numbers that appear can be a barometer of course), check it out:

Cost of Daily Living Needs
Like eating (plus a meal together at a mall, in a restaurant, etc.), pay for electricity, PAM, security money, buy newspapers plus internet subscriptions, daily necessities such as toothpaste, soap, rinso, and donations (including invitations marriage / circumcision). If this estimation can require a budget of up to Rp 4 million-an tuch. (If the author roughly reaches Rp 1 million only).

Cost of Child Education
Well if our children go to school in bona fide schools like Al-Azhar already imagine tuch how much money should be spent plus various courses of course, then with two children we will spend budget of about Rp 2 million / month for this future investment. (If the author since my daughter is still kindergarten yach in-budget settings Rp 500 thousand / month).

Transportation and Communication Costs
With increasing toll rates and congestion that has always been a daily menu that effect the use of wasteful fuel let alone not borne by the office for fuel affairs. Estimates issued plus phone, gasoline, tolls and parking fees are considered Rp 2 million for transportation. (If the author is to use bus pickup and only use the motor to the point of pickup then the budget is Rp 300 thousand).Car Loan Fees
For those who have a car loan due to the desire to have a car then at least the budget required to reach Rp 4 million / month for the post. (If the author for this post Rp 0).

Cost of Home Loans
Having a dream home that is obtained from the business itself would be our dream all, just the problem for the price of housing is now already quite high for example in the Cikarang area only for the size of type 36/60 or 4 L (lu lu again again), required expenditure of Rp 1 million, if in Jakarta or BSD can be more again (may be up to Rp 5 million times). If for this post alhamudillah author post again Rp 0.

Miscellaneous expense
If this is the post allocated by the writer each month, ie the allocation for parents and two weeks back home to visit the family in the village (knowing starting next year after my daughter entered elementary school, small families start living in the village). If for this post the author allocates a budget of Rp 2.5 million / month.

What is the total, if the size is really feasible as the picture above then it takes total budget for education expenses + daily necessities + transportation fee + home loan cost + car loan cost then reaches: Rp 10 – 16 million per month. (As for the author required at least Rp 5 million to live worthy with family).

How about you? Please do a review again for all expenditure items that must be issued every month so that we can still exist in the middle of the onslaught of the price of groceries that went up even though the price of fuel has not gone up. The important thing is how we can refrain from the desire to consume a variety of goods that we do not actually need.

The important thing to stop complaining, we think positive to find the best solution in order to stay able to live worthy.

Salam kompasiana,

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