How the CIA Breaks Down a Country

How the CIA Breaks Down a CountryThe CIA is an American body in charge of ensuring that American interests in the international world are met. The CIA ensures the safety of American companies abroad, ensuring that other governments take sides with American interests, making a good image of America in other countries. Above all the CIA ensures that a country benefits America. In this case it is not the American people I mean, but the big corporations in America.

Such an agency is certainly not only owned by America. All major countries, including Saudi Arabia, China and Russia, have such a body, to protect their country's economic interests. Sometimes battles that take place within a country are a battle between these Bodies. One party is armed by China, one side is armed by the Americans, then they fight to the ground. But no one is as popular as his American CIA.

For America it does not matter if these profits go both ways, where America and the countries involved are equally profitable, or only Americans are lucky and the country in question is battered. The important thing is not to lose America. But because America is now in a deficit, as their funds continue to be sucked up by American war machines, so what's happening is that America is lucky and the other country is rather stumped. Indonesia is not a very good loss despite the advantages are more on the American side.

President Duterte of the Philippines in his speech several months ago said, "As for me, I'll be telling Filipinos: if I die, it's America [that's behind it] .It's the CIA, CIA, stop f *** ing! One day , I will just drive you away. "Choose,"

Or if I translate: 'For myself, I will tell the Filipinos, if I die, the Americans do it. The CIA did it. CIA, stop playing! One day, I'll kick you away. So your gang must choose: Kill me or leave this country. Choose!!' But in the end the Philippines chose abstain during UN voting on Palestine yesterday.

Of course I can not describe all the tactics that the CIA has, because I am not that clever. But already many former CIA agents who write books, speak in documentaries, warn people around the world to be careful. Why did they do that? For wherever they are human, whose conscience is touched by so much suffering, death, destruction caused when a state is overthrown by the CIA.

First of all we must know what kind of state can be safe from the CIA?

A solid and united country. But this is almost impossible, because every human being has different opinions and interests. Especially democratic countries. Only absolute and totalitarian regimes can do this, such as North Korea, China and Iran
Countries with weapons are more sophisticated than Americans. No one can do this. Even just the suspicion of a country having more sophisticated weaponry could cause this country to be destroyed. Look at Iraq. And in the future, look at Iran and North Korea.
Countries that benefit America. As long as a country makes a profit for America, it is safe. Can be in the form of voice support for the United States in the UN as well as economic support. Indonesia is 'relatively' safe, because our consumption of American products is enormous, not to mention our mines, our lands, American factories that pay our labor cheaply. That is why we can do some international politics that are not in harmony with America like supporting Palestine. It is well connected with any country, without exception. Because if Indonesia to be noisy, American profit will actually decrease drastically.

The CIA has been widely suspected of causing the fall of many state leaders, including Soekarno and Suharto. For Soekarno, it was obvious he was against the Americans openly. While Soeharto, actually quite profitable, but the extraordinary corruption at that time felt very disturbing American finances, so what can make must be removed as well. But the culture of corruption was actually developed by the CIA in order to control state officials. So if too honest, will be removed. Unless, again, honestly in harmony with American interests. So the chosen must be corrupt to taste.

So how did the CIA destroy a country?

Integrate with the communityDo not imagine CIA agents as white people disguised as in movies. Most people are not even aware that they have been used as an agent by the CIA. They are ordinary people and mostly innocent and very eager to defend 'the truth' or 'our right'. While this truth has been adjusted to fit the interests of the CIA. How are they recruited? With media, social media, television programs, food-drink advertising and other commercial products.

This integration is also used to collect data useful for the benefit of America later. And in this social media, people are competing to send their personal data openly, via GPS and the Internet. They learn the language, the culture, the life of the country they will control.

As long as a country does things that are in harmony with American interests, these agents will calm down, will not be moved.

Sharpen the differences in society

In even seemingly uniform societies there will certainly be differences of interest. The rich with the poor, the Muslims with the Christians, are radical Muslims with moderate Muslims, who are ethically A with ethnic B, who are homosexual with heterosexuals, who are hijacked with unlawful ones. There is always a difference. But if a country is assumed to begin to vary, then the CIA will rub this distinction to the sharpest point. Very sharp until the usually cool Buddhist monk can come down to kill the Rohingya Muslims.

The easiest is to sharpen economic dissatisfaction, but also by sharpening discrimination between religions and ethnicities. Both parties are supported in such a way that the two feel the righteous. Media and social media support, even aid funds, make those who in real life are actually peaceful in the end are even fighting. Unequal media will make the situation more and more hot. It is not to blame, for they themselves think they are defending the truth, rather than undermining unity.

Everyone there is a dissatisfied people, immediately rubbed to be more angry. Not necessarily those who are poor, those who are rich can be influenced through the mind of 'you are racist, I do not', 'your religion is ugly, my religion is not', 'your barbar lazy tribe, my tribe is not'. And everyone thinks they are the victims. And if they can not stop, yes, they will be the victims of the CIA.

The government, the businessmen and the opposition are not aware of this, and instead make use of all these differences in order to take advantage. So instead of refining the differences and cultivating equality and tolerance, they participate in this frenzy.

Raise the Rulers they Love

The most legendary of these is Saddam Hussein. In the book 'Confession of an Economy hitman' John Perkins tells how Saddam Hussein, a CIA Agent, coupled the government long ago to be appointed as ruler.

Once a ruler has risen, they will immediately remind the ruler that the CIA will continue to supply them with money provided they continue to provide support to America. It is not always that they directly nominate this ruler, sometimes the real choice of the people, but only in harmony with American interests that will be allowed to survive.It reminds us of what Donald Trump said, which grumbles when nobody supports him for Palestinian affairs, 'For all these countries, who have received our money and voted against us. They take hundreds of millions of dollars, even billions of dollars and then they vote against us', then threaten to cut this money.

Destroy the image of the ruler

This step is done if the American profit is considered more reduced, or even no profit at all. And the destruction of this Image will be done in a frenzy if America feels itself lost.

See how much people love Soekarno and Soeharto and Gus Dur now. But for those who diligently read the history, will know how the media in the country and abroad menjelek-ugly them. Ooh .. how the demo against Soekarno, the foreign media who embarrass Sukarno which is a lot of weaknesses, with his recklessness to establish magnificent monuments when the people are starving. Yet now all lilies say love Sukarno. Soeharto is extraordinarily corrupt. Abdurrahman who likes to say weird and very unofficial.

As soon as the media stops with the attacks, the people are again waking up, oh .. oh .. We are actually very grateful to Soekarno who has brought us to independence. Soeharto managed to remove most of the people from poverty. Gus Dur, oh Gus Dur who we love so much because it has reduced discriminative attitude among tribes and religions. But as the media rattled, no one could speak out enough to stop them.

Gus Dur, is the only one out of this problem safely, because Gus Dur is the only one who is not too attached to power. While Soekarno and Suharto who pocketed 20 and 30 years of power have gone too deep.

The same is happening with Iran and North Korea. Kim Jong Un was massively humiliated through the media as a madman, ranging from his hairstyle to his cheeks, his dictatorship (dictatorship is CIA's favorite image). Then said to have weapons of mass destruction. Like Iraq and now Iran. Though the largest weapon of mass destruction owners is America.

So look at where there is a political image that is attacked crazy, be careful not to us unconsciously follow-up even tear down our own country, because we are very eager to praise the people we like as rulers, then insult with excited those who choose different parties.

Arming a political opponent or an opposing country.

It does not matter to the CIA who they armed, provided they have enough votes to become legal later. Did Saddam Hussein, also known as a CIA Agent, either a tribe who felt his rights were not being considered by the central government, or a military group, a certain radical religious group, or even a country for another.

Of course the CIA did not come to the study or church and said, 'Here guns, presidential bombs there !!'. They certainly take a muter-and-a-year approach. Through certain channels.Israel is a poor country trapped by American interests in the Middle East. OPEC was once a very frightening force for America, even causing a recession in the '20s as most OPEC leaders are Muslim countries who oppose the establishment of the state of Israel decided to close the oil tap to America. So like making a deal with the devil, Israel is spearheading the Americans who work with Saudi Arabia to drop the OPEC nation one by one. In return, the state of Israel has never been completely secure and self-reliant. Israel can not come to terms with neighboring countries because it is against the will of America. Yet the Palestinian people and the people of Israel everyday have been tired of the war for 70 years and want to live peace alone. But with finances and weapons supplied by the United States and allies, both Hamas and the Israeli military continue to fight. When Israel starts peace with the Palestinians, BOOM! Trump called for his embassy to move to Jerusalem.

Economic Destabilization

This is a very important step, sudden prices will soar. Could be an economic embargo, or with a drop in stock and currency markets. People who are hungry and fearful will be so easily influenced to overthrow the government. Interestingly, this did not happen in Soekarno's time, though the people were in distress, they remained faithful. Until finally emerged G30S / PKI that forced Sukarno down.

Total destruction

If a country can survive through all the above steps, then there is no other way than to completely destroy the country. All the above campaigns, plus all the data that is used to attack. Can be done directly, through UN support. 500,000 Iraqi children are killed in this kind of attack. Children, women, and even people who oppose Saddam Hussein die or become a humiliated refugee everywhere, especially in Europe. Some have returned, but now it is Syria's turn to be a refugee. Then they insult these refugees as destroying economic stability in Europe. It could also trigger a trigger bomb, like a fight between two people of different religions, or rape issues that spread uncontrollably into tribal war.

Here, for those who constantly bother the power, the authorities, the discrimination, the injustice, by mutual humiliation and discredit. This is for the rulers who are very corrupt and do not approach the interests of the people well. This is our future. Destruction.

Why am I so concerned about this problem? Because I've seen this happen, and it's happening again. We cultivate a sense of hatred, openly humiliating the social media, blocking Ustadz A, and worshiping Ustadz B. Praising this governor, insulting the governor there. Insulting this religious group, then defending the religious group. This tribe, that tribe. Degrading the interest of this person, then putting the person's interests first. As happened yesterday on the issue of Palestine, those who do not understand the bonds of Indonesian Muslims with the Palestinians then easily underestimated by saying, oh, Indonesia itself is a lot of problems, why so the spirit of defending the Palestinians? This must be his party … Then out the words of humiliation. There is no point in having a mobile phone that can easily google, how Jews themselves are fighting for peace in Israeli Palestine for decades. How low the standard of living in the country because of non-stop war.

I see the media as media in America, not divided, but divide the people into two opposite classes. And instead of being a unifying medium. Buzzers who were deployed with no caution, nor long thoughts of how innocent Indonesians were, then humbly say their own siblings, who pay the same taxes, as 'short axes' or 'micin' or 'tadpoles'. Very funny in the short term, very dangerous in the long run. These media silence those who are not aligned, then tighten their voices that are in harmony with the interests of the media owner. On the other hand guerrilla people without media watch, ready as a time bomb.

There is a reason why Indonesia is very polite, not because Indonesians are weak, but precisely because Indonesians are descendants of tribes who can fight to the death! Therefore we develop tolerance, develop manners. Pressing well should not words develop into murder.

We must develop a new culture, filtered from American culture, Arab culture, Chinese culture. We must develop cultures that are more in keeping with our culture. A culture that unites us. Do we have to be quietFor rulers and entrepreneurs, remember Sukarno's words when asked why not take the fight: 'Let me tear and crush rather than have civil war'. I certainly do not expect you all to tear and break. But when you are not competing, pay attention not to your disappointment is not elected or win to compete to produce a commotion in society. If the country is destroyed, you want to govern who? Who do you want to sell? We will all die or become refugees.

The CIA has invested years to keep in mind its power, as well as agents from Saudi Arabia, Russia and China, but we also have years to strengthen the unity of the state, to look to the same interests and learn to tolerate different things. We have years to strengthen our brotherhood.

I hope Indonesia forever be a happy, peaceful and prosperous country under the protection of Allah SWT. Amien.

The last article at the end of 2017

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