How the hell How to Take Care of the Right Skin To Smooth

How the hell How to Take Care of the Right Skin To SmoothMany women in Indonesia who mistakenly think white skin can make a person look more healthy and beautiful. Not a few who are willing to spend more in order to get white skin. Various treatments and whitening creams have been used, but the results even make the wearer look pale like a sick person. So, how does the expert say about healthy skin?

According to dr. Kardiana Purnama Dewi, SpKK, the color of a person's skin affected his residence. Because Indonesia is in latitude of the equator, it will be exposed more to the sun.

Another case with people who live in the north pole, tend to be white because it is more sedkit get sun exposure. In addition, skin color problems are usually influenced by individual perceptions. Perhaps because Indonesia had colonized the Dutch and Japanese are white, so until now looked at the white woman was more beautiful and classy. Though white-looking skin is not necessarily healthy.

Actually skin is clean, radiant, bright, not dull, not dry or oily, and moist is a characteristic of healthy skin types. If the skin looks healthy and well groomed, regardless of any color will look more beautiful and nice views. Remember ya .., healthy skin is not determined by color! Although dark skin but looks damp is actually healthy and good, compared to white but dry and not clean. Dr. Kardiana.

1. Skin Color Types

So far, the different types of human skin color based on race and heredity. As grouped by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick who divides the human skin type into six, namely:

1. White, pale skin (blue / gray eyes, blond hair)

2. White Skin (blue eyes)

3. White yellowish skin

4. Light brown (olive)

5. Chocolate skin6. Black skin

In detail, the type of skin type one that is often owned Caucasians who have a very bright white intensity, tend to be fired. Although he was sunbathing all day in the sun, this type of skin will not be easy to turn the color becomes darker or tanned. Meanwhile, in type two, the color of the skin can always burn, but sometimes dark and can be white again. Meanwhile, in types 3 and 4 which are often owned by Indians, Mexicans, and Indonesians, when exposed to sunlight will easily change color to brown. Furthermore, the color types 5 and 6 are the skin colors of Africans and Indians. Although never exposed to direct sunlight, it will always be dark.

2. Avoid Hazardous Chemicals

Basically, care to whiten the skin, either by injection or the use of cream has not been fully allowed. Often the use of whitening cream is also done without doctor's advice and supervision. Not infrequently the women experience skin irritation due to misuse.

According to Kardiana, drugs or creams derived from herbs usually do not cause any effect. Another case with certain products whose content is derived from harmful chemicals that can cause adverse effects. For example mercury contents that can cause irritation (itching, redness, or swelling) or even hyperpigmentation (skin even blackened).

There are some drugs whose effects make the skin look brighter but also increase the sensitivity, so it should be used according to the rules. As long as the skin is still in good condition and healthy, actually bleaching is not necessary. Whatever the type of skin color, you can still look brighter and radiant by doing natural skin care only. If you use white syringes also useless. Because if you stop doing the treatment, yes the skin will return to the original color. With the addition of multivitamins can sometimes help the skin brighter but not change the color of the skin. If you want a whiter skin, meet the nutrients in the body, treated skin, so it looks more healthy, healthy skin will look clean and make sure the skin color evenly, he explained.

Skin Care Tips

Skin regeneration process regularly every 28 days. When the process is optimal, then the skin will look lebbih bright. However, by doing the following treatments:

3. Use sunscreen every time you move

Use sunscreen every time it will move, because at this time the ozone layer has begun to thin. The use of sunscreen cream containing SPF is very important to counteract the exposure to sunlight. For those of you who work in the office or are often in the room can wear sunscreen with SPF 10-15. Meanwhile, for those of you who are often outdoors or often exposed to sunlight, then use a cream with SPF + 30. Ideally, this protection is used in large quantities and repeated every 1-2 hours.

4. Diligently cleanse the skin with soap that contains enough moistureIf our skin is dry and there is a risk of allergies should use baby soap and after that use a moisturizer.

For dry skin types, you should avoid using soaps containing antiseptic. Keep in mind, our bodies have normal flora or good germs that protect the skin. If we use antiseptic soap too often, it could be that this good bacteria will run out and nothing protects the skin, so we often experience irritation such as itching or scurvy.

5. Use a moisturizing cream or lotion after bathing or twice a day

Why after bathing? Because it will be much better results. Moisturizer that is humetan that attracts water.When applied in the skin condition is still moist, then the absorption will be more leverage and moisturizing effect is better. This applies to facial skin and body skin. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type. If the skin is dry, use a moisturizer that contains honey or shea butter.

For sensitive skin, can use that contains chamomile or a formulation of soft and anti allergic. Meanwhile, if your skin quickly sticky because a lot of sweating, moisturizer with aloe or water-based moisturizer can help refresh.

6. Expand drinking water and eating vegetables and fruits

Increasing drinking water is very good for your skin, it will even affect the performance of other organs of your body. You can consume water at least 8 glasses per day. By consuming 8 glasses of water each day, you can avoid stress that can cause your skin to become unhealthy. The water you drink will also help your skin not to wrinkle quickly and keep it fresh. While vegetables and fruits can provide nutrients to maintain health and skin moisture.

7. Make sure to rest and sleep enough to maintain healthy skin

The next way to maintain healthy skin is to set the time to sleep properly. According to research, a person who sleeps less skin will become dull, wrinkles quickly and skin color becomes uneven. Therefore, for those of you who want a healthy and supple skin, you should set the time to sleep. Standart bedtime within 24 hours is 7 hours. Within 7 hours, the skin will regenerate so that the next day you will look more fresh.

8. Avoid smoking, cigarette smoke, pollution and alcoholic beverages

Smoking habits can make skin damage and you look old. Just like cigarette smoke, pollution also makes you look old. Avoid environment filled with pollution. Keeping away from these three things can prevent premature aging. Use a mask while driving and stay away from cigarettes and alcoholic beverages because in addition to damaging the skin also adversely affect health.9. Before going to sleep, try to always clean the face. Do not forget to use cleansing milk when cleaning makeup

One of the most important things you need to do before you sleep is to clean the makeup that sticks to your face. in fact make-up made of chemicals. letting make-up stick on your face until carried away to sleep will certainly bring adverse effects to your skin. here's the bad impact if we do not clean the make-up before going to bed:

ignoring the makeup before bedtime can lead to acne. it is because the make-up can close the pores of the skin so that it prevents the skin's natural oils that can keep skin moist. Dry skin cells will tend to stick to the pores so that infections such as acne and blackheads occur.

At night, the skin cells will work more actively. the body will also rejuvenate and recover damages that occur throughout the day. however, if we use make-up at night. skin cells can not work properly resulting in excessive stress cells. eventually the skin will quickly wrinkles and premature aging.

Eyelashes fall out
Some makeup for the eyes has a certain amount of candle content that tends to melt throughout the day so that it will block eyelid polish. this will make eyelashes easily fall off.

Eye infection
Similar to other body parts, the eye also has pores that need to breathe freely. if the pores are closed, the gland lining the eyelids can not produce fat that helps in keeping tears. besides that some women sleep with the position of the face attached to the pillow, rubbing against the pillow all night means pushing the bacteria further into your eyes. sooner or later this will result in an infection of the eye marked with red eyes

Blackened lips
Although many brands of lipstick that claim rich with vitamin E. but chemicals on lipstick can cause blackened lips if used in the long run.

For that, it is very important for those of you who love his skin to clean the makeup on the face before sleeping properly. less thorough in cleansing the face can lead to clogging of the pores and trigger irritation.

Lifting the rest of the make-up using only water is not enough, water or plain soap can not perfectly lift the remnants of make-up. for that use easy steps by using MILK CLEANSER with homemade natural ingredients extract containing cleansing milk to clean the dirt and make-up thoroughly, also contains toner which makes the skin not sticky and fresh face.

How, easy to care for the skin in the right way? From now apply the habit and get skin smooth and bright every day ..! 🙂

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