How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa from Australia

How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa from Australia

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Here I share my experiences and how to apply for an American tourist visa that is B1 / B2 type

I have not made a USA visa for a long time. I last went to America in 2006. Before working in the UAE (2007-2010) and moving to Australia I am often back and forth to the US and I noticed there are now some changes how to apply visa, more simple, fill out online forms and pay online. (apply for a visa from Australia). At a certain age no need to come to the interview.

How To Apply A Tourist Visa In General:

Create an image of the size 5 cm x 5 cm (US standard), print to carry during the interview and save the file to be uploaded on DS160 form.
Fill in the DS form 160. When filling out the form can be saved first. When uploading photos must be precise position. If it is not appropriate there will be a notice to bring a photo during the interview. Check the form filling repeatedly because if it is in-print can not be edited again.
Pay a visit visa fee of US $ 160. I submitted from Perth then online payment using debit / credit card. Here there is a notice to use web browser Explorer or Chrome. If in Indonesia seems to be a bank that has been appointed. Print proof of payment and must be taken during the interview.
After payment is received, it will open menu schedule interview. Here are some choices of dates and times. I choose 8.40 and Tuesday, March 7, 2017. There is also April but too long.
It is advisable not to buy tickets first before clear visa status that we submit.

While at the Embassy / Consulate General of the United States:

Bring the DS160 form,
Photo 5cm x 5 cm,
Proof of payment of visa,
Passport valid for 6 months, calculated upon departure to USA (if visa is approve),
Bring your old passport, preferably with US visa (if you've been there),
Bring supporting documents, just be afraid to be asked. If in Indonesia he said there should be a bank account 3 months with certain funds.
Take the queue number. In the first call you will record a finger print of 10 fingers while giving the old passport (tunjukin aja most viewed briefly) and a valid passport,
Wait again for the consular staff interview,
Finished the interview will be given a paper with different colors. According to what I read there is white paper (approved) pink (rejected) green (need other supporting documents) etc .. Can be read here "American visa interview".

Personal experience apply for an American visa in Perth:
Apply any visa to be honest and do not try to use fake documents. Do not listen to the word people should have tens of millions of dollars in the account, he said the American visa is very difficult, let alone the current presidential era. Just go ahead and complete the required data. When the interview should be calm and answer honestly. Do not say much if not asked.

As a permanent resident of Australia (PR) I can apply for an American visa from here. From mid-February 2017 I began to read carefully how to apply for a tourist visa. All in English and interviews are not provided by the translator. So mandatory interview in English.

I search through Google US Consulate address in Perth, lho it turns out the building I've often visited is a building with Garuda Indonesia office on George Terrace road.

The affairs of the photo, the DS160 form, the payment (cost AUD 216) was settled on 27 February 2017, then selected the interview date of 7 March at 8.40 am.

On March 7, early in the morning I was ready to come to the US Consulate in Perth for an interview. Bring the DS 160 form, proof of payment, photo one, two old passports and one new passport plus supporting documents. The documents are as follows: marriage certificate, my child's birth certificate in USA, invitation letter from child etc.At 8.15 I arrived at US Consulate Perth and headed for the 4th floor. I did not feel nervous at all, but the prayer in my heart was certain. Without excuse me just open the door, eh told to go back and wait outside that there is a place queue. It was just me alone but inside there was one person.

When called in, first checked bags, documents and passports are seen. Then I passed the detection tool like in the airport. All the officers here are very friendly. I was asked to carry only documents and wallets. HP and handbags should enter the day care drawer. There was a clerk who gave me a nursery number right away.

Soon one of the securities took me and the one who had been there to come with him. Wonder where else. To the 11th floor (if not mistaken, failed to focus because of it). Given a hint of where to go and the door at the open end is greeted by pretty security. Especially for those who apply for a visa is asked to take the queue number (forgot to be number, not long guns hell).

The waiting room is neatly lined up, not so many people as I wait for a call, probably still early. There are 4 counters available that are the far right for the finger print, the second and third of the interview counters and the fourth is special for Americans. We can see the counter from the closest waiting room.

Soon my name was called the officer at the counter no 1 (girls), submit the form DS 160, proof of payment just seen then dibalikin. Old passport (there are two and one of them is a USA visa) plus a new passport. Old passport reversed after a brief look. Only DS160 form, passport and photo taken. Soon I was fingerprinted 10 fingers (ten finger print), two left right thumb and 4 left right fingers. Then asked to wait again for the interview.

Second call, guy, friendly smile and ask (just 3 minutes):

Officer: Who's in the USA, have you been to USA?
Me: My son, want to see the birth certificate? I often go to USA from 1996.
Officer: No, no, the status of the mother's son?
Me: US Citizen.

I think the consulate officers already know all of the forms I fill, maybe just want to make sure more. After that he once told a story in Indonesia, so chatted briefly while holding his white paper. (I did not understand why he held the white paper, the first time in Indonesia given the number only if the visa is approved). Boro boro seabrek documents that I brought with me.

Soon he said, ok later passport is sent home. I'm still confused, what does it mean? Then he gave me a white paper,

This is your visa already approved.
Oh! thank you! I do not know because it's been a long time for a visa.

While I smile, and lift two thumbs up. He laughed out loud to see me ngengoyor seneng. Of course that again also waiting on the smile to see my behavior.The next day at 11:13 am, there is already a courier who takes the passport to the house. I can not wait to open the big envelope and the US visa B1 / B2 valid for 5 years. Thank God. My August plan will leave for my son. Insha Allah.

Koq easy to get an American visa? Many people say hard, most given 3 months. Probably because this is my fourth visa. While visiting the USA I never over stay. US visa that I can always 5 years, ie from 1996-2001, 2001-2006, 2006-2011 (apply from Indonesia) and the new can 2017-2022 (apply in Perth).

So glimpse of my experience applying Visitor Visa from Australia.

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