How To Assemble Cheap Gaming Computers Price 7 Millions

How To Assemble Cheap Gaming Computers Price 7 Millions

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PC is one of the devices commonly used in everyday life. In addition to being used for other tasks or tasks, the PC also becomes one of the gamers choice in playing the game. The reason is of course because the PC is a device that is more easily upgraded from the hardware side.

The problem is that the games now have a high demand for hardware specifications. In order to achieve this, certainly requires funds that are not small to build a PC gaming. Well, this time I will give tips to assemble a cheap gaming PC with a budget of 7 millions.

How To Assemble Cheap Gaming Computers

1. Motherboard

Motherboard is the main component that must exist on the PC. Because all the important components in gaming, will be placed on the motherboard like processor, RAM, and also VGA.Here I choose MSI H110M-PRO motherboard type LGA 1151 which has support DDR4 type RAM worth (Rp 1.144.000) as our foundation build a gaming computer.

2. Processor

Processor is the most important component in building a PC gaming. Because the processor is the brain of all processes that occur on the computer. Here I chose the Intel Core i3-6100 with a speed of 3.7 Ghz for Rp 1.420.000. In addition to having a high clock speed, this processor has also been carrying quad-core technology.

3. RAM (Random Access Memories)

Next there is Random Access Memories or can be abbreviated with RAM. RAM is a temporary computer storage. Well, the standard RAM for cheap gaming PC 2016 is currently 8 GB. Here I use Corsair DDR4 Vengeance for Rp 885,000 with 8 GB dual-channel memory. The purpose of dual-channel here is that the RAM installed is not a single chip measuring 8 GB, but 2 pieces of 4 GB.

4. GPU

The GPU is also one of the most important components in a gaming computer raft. Why? Because the GPU serves as a graphics or image processing that will be raised on the monitor. GPU is also the most expensive component other than CPU. Well, here I chose NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti which has a memory of 4 GB DDR5 for Rp 2,550,000. If you are confused to choose the best computer GPU, you can read the best AMD Radeon VGA 1 million or VGA Nvidia best price 1 millions.5. HardDisk

HardDisk here serves as a storage for the operating system and games that we will play later. Because the games now have a size that tends to big then I chose Seagate SATA 3 with the size of 1 TB worth Rp 625,000.

6. Casing

Components of this one may often we ignore when trying to build a PC gaming. Casing sometimes also has several benefits such as protecting other components of water and also dust. Therefore I chose Power Logic Xenon GRAPHITE 3X With USB 3.0 for Rp 360,000.

7. PSU (Power Supply Unit)

One component serves as a supplier of electrical current for computer components such as Motherboard, HDD, and others. And if none of these components, the PC automatically will not be able to fire. Therefore this component is also a very important component of its existence. Here I chose Cooler Master THUNDER 450W for Rp 680,000.

8. Cooler

If playing games with a long duration, surely computer components such as CPU and also GPU will experience overheat. Well to anticipate overheat on the CPU or GPU then cooler is the answer. Cooler here serves to cool the components on the computer so that the temperature on the computer can be stable. Here I chose Cooler Master X DREAM i117 for Rp 140.000.

That's the tips in building a gaming PC with a budget of 7 millions. If totaled, all spent Rp 7,804,000. With the above gaming rig you can play GTA V classmates, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3, The Witcher 3, and Battlefield Hardline at its best quality.

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