How to Become a True Man

How to Become a True Man

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You are born in this world as a real man, not a woman who has to dress up when going on a trip. A real man is a man who does not give up easily, always struggling to get what he wants. Although there is now much to say about gender equality, men are men, men who have to protect women.

Sad indeed, seeing today many men who act as the father of the household, not even a few men who want to become a woman. Wake up bro, you are a man, never against God's destiny. Become the real man, how? Here are the steps:

Learn to Take Responsibility

To be a true man, you must learn to take responsibility for what has become your duty and duty. Never avoid responsibility.

Do not Breach Promise

The way to become the next true man is never to break the promise, because a true man never breaks a promise. Implement what ever you promised, as much as possible to keep that promise.

Not Against the Weak

Find a worthy opponent, because real men do not fight the weak. In any case, whether for work or otherwise. In that way, the soul of a knight will emerge from within you.

Do not Like Ngomongin Orang

Let it remain synonymous with women who like to huddle. As a man, you should say up front that you want to be like this and want to be. Do not talk behind, because it is a cowardly trait.

Wise and MatureHow to become the last true man is to be wise and mature. In the face of any problem, as a man should stay calm and do not easily provoked emotions.

That's how to be a real man. Hopefully there are benefits that you can take from the brief article.

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