How To Begin Teaching Discipline In Toddlers

How To Begin Teaching Discipline In Toddlers

Image source: – Having a baby is still small does not mean can not be taught the discipline. Precisely since early childhood can begin to be taught rules and discipline, so that later when great he can be nice and positive.

But most young parents are confused about how to teach children discipline, from where? Quoted from, this is what you can do Mom.


You can teach the discipline verbally or speech to the child. Tell or explain to the child about the environment and surrounding objects such as, for example,

Crayon is to color the paper, not the wall. If you want to draw and color, I have paper you can use.
After playing, the toy is put back in its place.
Removing the sandals, shoes and socks outside the house, inside should only be stepped on clean feet.
And so forth. Always use language that is easy for a child to understand and say without any threat or anger.


Physical teaching is usually a companion of verbal teaching. Sometimes you need to exemplify what action the child can do. For example,

Wash hands after playing,
Hold your child's hand as you climb up and down the stairs while saying "Watch out, watch the steps."
Exemplify the child while caressing the animal gently and so forth.

So that discipline rules are effective

Use praise for the child. This is an effective way to motivate children to do good things. Always praise the child with the words "Good", "Smart" and so on to show that his actions are right. Do not yell or call "No" loud to the child. It scares children.

When disciplinary rules are ineffectiveRules for toddlers with kindergarten children can be very different. Children need more assertive discipline, because kindergarten children are able to understand the language better and see examples of adult action. So, change the rules for older children, adjust their age.

That's what Moms can do if they want to apply discipline to children from childhood. It may sound difficult, but more often sharing a fellow young mother would be more convenient. Apply discipline to children early on.

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