How to Clean Facebook from Demo News November 4th

How to Clean Facebook from Demo News November 4th

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Social Fixer screenshots in the Chrome app storeAfter downloading and installing Social Fixer, sign in to your Facebook account as usual. Notice the top right corner, you'll find a UK lock icon that shows the settings menu for Social Fixer.

Click the icon and go to Social Fixer Option. In it there select Filters and simply create filters with new criteria or modifications of the Elections / Politics 2016 criteria that already exist in the options field.

The Elections / Politics 2016 Criteria is actually designed to screen things about the US presidential election. However, you can modify it. Click the + icon and select the pencil icon on the newly added filtering criteria.

screenshot Display menu settings Social FixerView the IF column and delete the words associated with the US presidential election. Next, enter the words related to the rally, such as the November 4, 2016 demo.

Do not forget to put (at the beginning of the word string,) at the end of the word string, and separate each of those keywords with a pipe | or a perpendicular line, which is usually above the "Enter" key on the keyboard.

Next, make sure the THEN column is set to Hide Post so that any thing containing the related keyword will be hidden.

Status, links or words containing keywords will appear as "post hidden by filter, click to toggle post" post, and if you want to open it just click it.

Alternatively, you can add a new filter category by selecting the "Filters> Create New Filters" menu. Name the filter, for example "Demo 4 November".

Enter keywords (keywords) you want to filter, such as "Demo 4 November", "Demo Town Hall", or "State Palace" in the IF column. Just enter one keyword only.

screenshot Display the Social Fixer settings menu
After that, press the "Add Condition" button below it, change the "AND" option to "OR", then enter another keyword you want to block.

You can enter "Condition" again below it, to add one more keyword you want to block. Do not forget to change the "AND" option to "OR".Unfollow friends

If you do not want to bother adding and organizing extensions like Social Fixer, then you can choose "Unfollow". This is useful for preventing the appearance of statuses or content uploaded by someone or certain colleagues in your timeline.

"Unfollow" is different from "Unfriend". That is, when you select "Unfollow" someone, you just block the status and content uploaded, do not disconnect friendship status on Facebook. Unfollowed people will not know the action.

If the demo hub has subsided, you can follow your colleague again.

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