How To Clean The Ear Properly

How To Clean The Ear Properly

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How to clean the ears properly it was not difficult, but many people who do not know the right way. The ears are the senses of the listener to humans and other living beings. Therefore because of the importance of the function of the ear for humans, then we must maintain and maintain in order to function properly. One problem that is often experienced is the accumulation of dirt on the ear, well the dirt must be cleaned frequently to keep the ears clean and does not cause other problems.

People often clean the ears by using a cotton bud, when in fact it is not recommended because if the use is not true will make the dirt is not out but it will further settle into. If you still want to use a cotton bud to clean the ears, then you should use it properly and carefully.

Actually there is a simple and correct way to clean the dirt on the ear, namely:

By using drops that are sold in pharmacies

How to properly clean the dirt on the ear first is to use drops that are sold in the pharmacy. There are now circulating drops that work to clean the ears. Then choose a drop drug that is sold diapotik and you can also ask how the user applies the tool ..

Use salt water

In addition to the first way, how to clean the right ear next is to use salt water. The trick is also very easy, Mix salt water with warm water, then prepare a round cotton. Mix the salt water evenly, then dip the cotton that has been prepared earlier. Tilt the head to the right, then drop the salt water using the dipped cotton, then tilt the head toward the opposite. Wait until the salt water comes out with the dirt. To get good results, these repetitions repeat until the dirt is completely lost.

A clean and free ears from dirt stitch will make your hearing normal and there is no disturbance. Make no mistake in cleaning it, do not let it even create new problems on your ears if not done the right way.

That's how to properly clean up the settled earwax. Hopefully the article is useful for you all, good luck !!!

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