How To Create Themes On Power Point

How To Create Themes On Power Point

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My friends wherever you are, greetings know from me. In this opportunity I try to share tips as shown in the title above, that is Creating a Theme on Power Point. Inside Microsoft Power Point is already available themes as background or appearance. However, because I was not satisfied with the existing, I try to create their own theme to create a desire. Ok, enough we just basek menujut to TeKaPe J.

1. Open Ms. Office Power Point

By click Start Menu> All Programs> Microsof Office> Ms. Power point. Here I use office 2010, my friend can also see the following screenshoot:

Then the Ms. program. Power Point will open and ready to be executed.

2.After Ms. Power Point is open then the next step is click View and select Slide Master, then click.

Then the display will change as in the picture above. The display is still empty and now we will add the pictures, both jpg, gif, and so forth to beautify the look of the theme as you wish.

3. The next step is to add a picture for the front page or to the Title Slide. I will use the Detective Conan image which is my favorite cartoon. The trick is to click Insert> Picture, then select the image and click Insert.

4. The next step is we try to arrange it as you wish. For example, as shown below :

Yup, our first session is over. it is the first view or theme on the first slide or Title Slide and Subtitle Slide.

5. Next we create the next slide layout by first clicking the layout view under Master Slide.

Then we set again the image position and font style we want. Yupz is more like the picture above.6.For the next layout the same as step 5. first click the boxes on the left, then we edit again as in the picture.

7.If the layout is all we set then the next step is to save it with office theme format, by click File> Save as.

Fill Filename (up to you, easy to remember), then click Save as type, then choose Office theme.

Then click save, then the file will be saved in the theme of office power point format.

Well, the result is more or less like this:

To make the image more interesting you can edit your images using Photoshop or the like.

Okay buddy, just so many tips from me, may be useful for you all. Good luck and Salam Sayooo nara …… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Input criticism awaited for my friends to skip this article. thanks.

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