How to Deal with Parents Who Galak

How to Deal with Parents Who Galak

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Being a child of angry parents sometimes makes us depressed because in their eyes we are always wrong. But we need to realize also that no parents who want their children to be a bad human. Perhaps fierce or angry parents are their way of educating us to be a better person.

Parents who are fierce are not always due to the nature of their attitudes and attitudes, but perhaps also because of the factors ourselves that the parents say we do is wrong. Then how should we deal with that fierce or angry old man? below are:

Follow What Parents Want
Parents certainly want their children not wrong in stepping, so from that sometimes if we do things that the parents say wrong, the old man became angry. All we have to do is realize the mistakes we made and promise not to repeat them again.

Do not blame the attitude of parents who are fierce, which we must do is introspection why parents are angry. Sometimes the various events that we do (mistakes) that make parents fierce. Introspect all our mistakes and correct them all.

Do the Good
When we do positive and good things, I'm sure parents will not get mad. They will support our activities.

Create a Proud Parent
When we excel in any field, then parents will be proud of us. Achieve excellence both at school and outside the school so that parents believe we are the children they expect.

Pray For Parents
Pray best for our parents, hopefully given the ease of sustenance and longevity. Sometimes economic factors can also make parents become stressed and irritable.

Parents are the people who educate us, the people who care for us with love. It is inappropriate for us to hate or vilify them, whatever and however they are our parents whom we ought to respect and respect. May be useful for you all.

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