How To Deal With People Who Hate Us

How To Deal With People Who Hate Us

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Humans have a variety of desires and also a variety of attitudes and traits, so that sometimes make them like or hate for what we do. We can not force the will to all of them like us, because the good and bad of our behavior, are others who judge. So if there is one of our behaviors that is not in accordance with one person, then most likely the person will hate us. Especially if we are a leader, so will be very vulnerable people who do not like us (although we have done the best for them). How to deal with those who hate us does not have to be with emotion and anger, because it will add to their hatred towards us.

What we should do with those who hate us is:


How to deal with the person who hates us first is by self introspection. Sometimes without us knowing our behavior and attitude make others hate us, now for that intropeksilah what is wrong with us, after meet soon fix. Do not immediately denounce the person who hates us, because it could be the hatred of the person is a reprimand and our reflection to do and behave better.

Talk With People Who Hate Us

Do not guess or guess why other people hate us, because these allegations will make our minds shrouded in a negative thing. It would be better and wiser if we directly ask the person, which part is wrong with us. Discuss well what is wrong and what we should do so that he does not hate us anymore.

Stay Headed Cold and Do not Emotion

Think of it as a form of constructive criticism for us, so do not solve it with emotion. Stick with a cool head to solve it, so we can find a good solution. Most people's emotions in the face of something will make the problem more complicated and difficult to resolve.


How to get around the people who hate us next is to ignore it. Think of it as just the wind, and do not take it seriously. Dogs barking, caravans still pass. Sometimes people hate us because people are jealous of our success, so keep walking and do not pay attention to those who hate us.

Let the Other Party FinishSometimes because of the hatred that others have, it makes them do various ways to drop and bother us. If it has been very disturbing us for what they do, then we can report to the authorities. It can be categorized as an unpleasant act. Let the police solve the problem, so we do not need to bother thinking about it again. If we do not want to report the matter, then our last act is to leave everything to God, and let the law of God apply.

That's how to deal with people who hate us, hopefully the article can be useful for you all.

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