How to Dealing With an Annoying Friend

How to Dealing With an Annoying Friend

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How to overcome or respond to a friend who sucks needed special tricks and tips for friendship durable and does not happen conflict. Sucks can be because he likes nosy, slanderous, jealous, etc.

Humans are created with a variety of characters and traits, one of which is one character that makes us become annoyed or annoying. You do not need to reply, because it does not solve the problem and it will add to the problem.

What we should do when facing a very annoying or annoying friend is to understand the situation and conditions why he is so. In addition there are several ways to deal with or face a friend who sucks it, among others:

Honestly say

How to deal with the first annoying friend is to say that you do not like his attitude. But please note in conveying the dislike, you must talk carefully so as not to offend him. Speak what you make of him, do not feel hesitate or uncomfortable because it's for the good of your friendship with him.

Find Out What Causes

There must be a purpose and your friend's intentions are acting annoying, maybe he wants a caper against you because he secretly put his heart on you, or maybe he is so because again there are problems in the family, Do not get annoyed or irritated with your friend before you really understand why he is.

Be Calm

How to overcome the next annoying friend is to remain calm and do not be affected. If you are not responding for a long time he will feel that all this time you really do not like his annoying attitude.


Do not think it's a thing to bother you, just ignore it. Let's just say that it's all just a wind then and it does not matter to you. Be cool and as if there was never any disturbance from him.Friends who one with another have different characters, then react to it-also different. That's how to deal with a annoying friend, may be useful for you, yes you. Hehehe, good luck !!!

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