How to Dispose Mosquitoes Using Lemongrass, Latest Tips

How to Dispose Mosquitoes Using Lemongrass, Latest Tips

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Lemongrass often we meet in the kitchen as an additional ingredient in the food maker, but did you know that lemon grass is also able to repel mosquitoes? The aroma produced from these natural ingredients is not favored by mosquitoes, so if you smell the lemongrass, the mosquito will go to get from your home.

Mosquitoes are insects that are very annoying because often interfere during the night, especially when you sleep. There are many ways to expel or kill mosquitoes, such as with mosquito rackets (how to use it by swinging the racket toward the flying mosquitoes, mosquitoes will be electrocuted and dead), with mosquito spray (by spraying the tool into the area known to many mosquitoes, chemicals which is inside will make mosquitoes die), and can also use mosquito repellent (the way is to burn the mosquito repellent, the chemicals contained from the drug will make mosquitoes die).

All the above materials on average there are chemicals or if not using hazardous materials, well why not use natural ingredients only? As I said earlier that lemongrass is a natural ingredient that can be used to repel mosquitoes. How to use is:

Prepare the lemongrass to taste
Cut into pieces
Put in a blender with a little water
Blend until smooth
Strain and use the lemongrass filter water to spray the mosquito or it can also be used to mop the floor.

Natural ingredients that exist around us actually a lot of benefits to be gained, but sometimes we do not know it. One of the natural ingredients that we can take advantage of is lemongrass, which is to repel mosquitoes that interfere. The resulting lemon grass will make mosquitoes do not like and will soon go away from your place.

That's how to use lemongrass to keep mosquitoes away. Hopefully the short article is useful for you all and good luck !!!

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