How To Easily Add Weight With Safe Way

How To Easily Add Weight With Safe Way

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Weight overweight will cause problems, such as difficulty moving, lack of confidence, etc. Vice versa, too thin weight is also not good. Well there are several ways to solve both problems. After some time ago I share about how to be safe in reducing weight, so now I will share how easy and safe way to increase weight. Some of these ways include:

Eat Low-Fat Foods

How to gain weight the first is by eating low-fat foods. Eat or consume foods that have low fat content, because if the fat contained in a food is low then it can mean that the food contains a lot of sugar. But be careful also because the excess sugar content will be at risk of causing deabetes, cancer, etc.

Do not Assume That Fitness Can Fuel Body

With fitness then you will lose a lot of energy, and calories can burn quickly. It will make you not fat but will only tighten some of your muscles. Just do cardiovascular activities that do not require excess energy.

Eat Routine Twice a Day

How to fatten the next body is to eat routine twice a day. Just eat twice daily, but in the morning or during the breakfast drink a thick coffee. In the day and night consume foods that contain low calories but contain high sugar. This will make you fat fast.

Drinking Soda Water

The last way to make the body weighs more is to drink soda water. Soft drinks contain lots of nutrients and contain lots of sugar. Rutinlah drink soft drinks so you can quickly gain weight badanya.

That's how to weight quickly but keep it safe. Hopefully the article can be useful for you all and good mecoba. Good luck.

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