How To Easily Book Lebaran 2016 Mudik Ticket Online

How To Easily Book Lebaran 2016 Mudik Ticket Online

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Lebaran is still a long time, but one of the obstacles that always been experienced by many travelers is the difficulty of buying a ticket for the return of the day approaching H. Starting from having to queue up, the ticketing website server ticket down, to run out in the last seconds.

But the situation still should be overcome in the era of advanced technology like now yes. Hence, through the following article we want to tell you how to buy Lebaran fare tickets easily and quickly, through one of the popular ticket site that is

How To Easily Order Lebaran Mudik Ticket

Instead of having a headache to line up with uncertainty, it's better to book your tickets online. One of the transportation media that has been a prima donna is the train. This is the way to book the Lebaran forthcoming ticket that has been available since March 28 yesterday.

One of the railway ticket sales sites that has opened the sale of train tickets for mudik is You can visit the ticket promo page at the following link.

There you can find the schedule of booking the train fare tickets, ranging from H-10 to H + 10. But let me jump, we also embed the schedule below.

If you have made up your mind to go home on a given date, then the next step is to order it at the bottom of the page. Select departure station, destination city, departure date, and number of passengers. When it is, press the Find Railway Now button.

You will be redirected to the list of available train departure schedules. Select the desired schedule by pressing the Message Now button.

Fill in the necessary personal data. If it is, then the next step is to press the Message Now button. If you want to choose your own sitting position on the train, then you just need to press the Select Seat button next to the Message Now button.

Follow the instructions of payment procedure in accordance with the medium you want to use to pay for the homecoming ticket.

Easy really right? So now you already know how easy and cheap to get tickets back and forth online. Is there something we miss? Do not forget to give your opinion through the comment field below yes.Source banner image:

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