How To Easily Hair Care After Rebonding To Stay Healthy And Beautiful

How To Easily Hair Care After Rebonding To Stay Healthy And Beautiful

Image source:×493.jpg – For some women, having curly hair becomes an individual choice. However, women in general always want straight and healthy hair. And to get the hair straight, can be done with traditional processes that take a long time or also with the instant process through rebonding or smoothing.

Given straightening hair through rebonding or smoothing using chemicals, do not be surprised if there are often problems in the health and beauty of hair. The problem can be dry hair, fall out, or dull. If you want to keep hair healthy and beautiful after rebonding, quoted from, this is the easy tips.


Use a hair conditioner after shampooing to keep hair soft. Conditioner can be a good nutrition for hair. Every hair beauty product certainly has a conditioner that suits your hair type. However, if you want a natural conditioner, you can use a banana mask, yoghurt, coconut oil or other natural ingredients.

Hot water

Avoid shampooing with warm water after rebonding. This can worsen the condition of beauty and hair health. Always be sure to use cold water when shampooing or washing your hair.


Make sure to use a shampoo that is formulated for your hair type. Get to know your hair first and make sure to use a shampoo that matches your hair or scalp. Suitable shampoo can help you get healthy hair and beautiful.


Make sure to use a comb that has quite wide teeth. Avoid using a brush-shaped comb because it can damage the hair, make it break easily and even fall out.

Dry HairDo not use a hair dryer if you want healthy and beautiful hair. The heat on the hair dryer is suppose to trigger dry hair, dull and brittle. Also avoid drying hair with a rough towel. Let hair dry naturally after shampooing.

Ladies, do you become one of the women who have straight hair because of the rebonding process? This treatment is very necessary you do to keep hair healthy, strong, beautiful and beautiful. For healthy and strong hair, make sure also have a healthy lifestyle, fruit and vegetable consumption that strengthen the hair and have a balanced diet. Try also to always calm and away from stress 🙂

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