How To Easily Make Natural Light House

How To Easily Make Natural Light House

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The house designed with the use of natural light has several advantages as well, namely a healthy home because it is not damp, stay bright but energy efficient because it is not wasteful electricity, and the interior looks more attractive.

The main thing in the utilization of natural light is to make openings such as doors, windows, or skylights. In addition, there are several other steps that need to be known for more optimal benefits.

1. Do not block openings

Dinukil, avoid putting furniture or objects high and large near the window because it can block the entry of sunlight. Frame windows should preferably be simple design, do not need much detail.

If you want to install a curtain for your privacy needs, use a curtain type that does not block the sun from entering the house. Way, choose white or pastel color with a thin material because it can continue the light.

Should select a curtain that is easy to open and close as needed.

2. Take advantage of reflective materials

If the openings or windows in your house are limited in size or quantity, try using mirrors or glass that can reflect light.

Mirrors or glass placed near the window can help make the room brighter.

Not just a mirror, other elements that are reflective material you can also use. For example, a floor with a polished tile mounted on the wall. Do not forget, choose a brightly colored floor so that the maximum reflection.

3. Bright colorsWhite or pastel colors can reflect more light than dark colors. Therefore, consider choosing this type of color for your interior, especially on the wide areas such as walls, floors, or ceilings.

In a room like this, you do not need to turn on the light during the day so it can save electricity consumption.

4. Upper top or skylight

Sunlight keeps the enegery capable of making the space more healthy and comfortable. If the condition of the space is very limited and you are difficult to make openings in the form of windows, think of the possibility to design other types of openings.

Aperture other than the window is usually made on the upper wall or in the ceiling (skylights). It is also effective for getting natural light in the home, just like windows. More about the skylights refer to Lightless House Light with Skylight.

Skylight design now there are several types, there are types of fixed units that can not be opened and closed, there are also types of operable systems such as windows and can be opened and closed (roof window). Lastly there is a tubular type that is in the form of reflective tubes that drain light into.

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