How to Expel Ants with Natural Materials, Guaranteed Powerful

How to Expel Ants with Natural Materials, Guaranteed Powerful

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Ants that are in your home apart from disturbing but also can be dangerous for your child. Well if your home there are ants, let alone ants ngangrang then immediately do action to expel it.

Ants are usually krasan if around your house scattered food (especially the sweet), then it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the home environment so that ants do not arrive. Bitten by ants is less so when bitten is an adult. But if the bitten is your child, then it can cause its own problems, let alone the ant is a famous antang ngangrang when exposed to the bite will cause heat and itch.

It is widely circulated in the market of mosquito repellent, but the materials used are chemicals and it can also harm your child, as well as your own. Then use natural ingredients to repel the ants, your lost ants and families safe. Then what natural ingredients can be used as a mosquito repellent device? the following are:

Using Cucumber

Natural ingredients to repel ants first is to use a cucumber. Place the cucumber where the ant usually runs colony, or can put a piece of cucumber on the ant hole. Cucumber is something that does not ant like.

Use Coffee Powder

Coffee powder can also be used as a tool to repel ants away. The trick is to sprinkle pure coffee powder to the place of ants passing by, or directly sprinkle into the ant hole. Guaranteed ants will run away and they will not come back.

Banish With Betel Leaf

How to repel ants with natural ingredients next is with betel leaf. The aroma that comes out of the betel leaf is not liked by the ant, the way is to squeeze the betel leaves to produce a strong scent, then place it on the ants hanging around.

In addition to the above natural ingredients, you can use the materials around you to forcefully push the ant away. Materials around which can be used as a tool to repel ants is with soap and baking soda. That is a natural ingredient that can be used to repel ants away from your home. Good luck, and hopefully useful for you.

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