How to Get a Visa Fiance (K1) United States

How to Get a Visa Fiance (K1) United States

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Applying for a Visa K1 is the first step that must be taken to bring a partner from another country to be married, which must be done is

Register by filling out Form I-129F (Alien Fianc / K-1), for more information please click here
Prepare Required Documents from Sponsors for K-1 Application
Preparing Necessary Documents for K-1 Visa Applicants

Steps to be able to bring spouses to the United States through a K-1 Visa

Step 1: Submit a petition with USCIS on the applicant K1 Visiting a petition must be a US citizen, by filling (Form I-129F Click here) to the U.S. office. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Note: You can not apply to the U.S. embassy, ??consulate or immigration office. abroad.

Suggestion: to avoid long waiting time in USCIS office, we suggest you make an appointment online at USCIS Website, to make an appointment please Click here.

Step 2: The applicant will apply for a K1 visa at the US consulate in his / her country of origin. After USCIS approves the applicant petition, USCIS will send the petition to the embassy or consulate where the K1 Visitor Applicant will apply for a K-1 immigrant visa. If the application of Visa K1 is approved then Visa K1 will be affixed to the applicant's passport and will be ready to come to the United States. Download I-129F, Petition for Alien Fianc (e): Download here.
Step 3: Entry into the United States After obtaining a fiance visa (K1 visa), Visa K1 holders can enter the United States through the U.S. immigration port. U.S. immigration officer will give instructions on what to do at the port when going to America.
Step 4: Get Social Security Number The Visa Holder K1 can apply for a social security number card. There are many advantages of having a social security card number among others

Working in the United States

Conducting transactions with a bank or financial institution

Paying taxes or for tax refund claims And for other purposes.

View the Social Security Website for further instructions Click here.Step 5: Marrying As per K-1 Visa requirements, the K1 Visa holder after entry into the United States must be married within 90 days of his arrival.
Step 6: Apply for Permanent Residency (Green Card) by changing Status of residence (AOS / I-485) If your spouse plans to work and live in the US, after marriage, he / she must apply Form I-485 (Form I-485 click here) To register as a permanent resident or to change the status of the USCIS office serving the residence area of ??the K1 Visa holders in the United States. You must fill out Affidavit of Support, Form I-864, Click here. For applicant Green Card application to be a legal permanent resident (LPR).

Create the following two forms in the nearest USCIS Office:

Download Form I-485 Click Here – Application To Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status

Download Form I-864 Click here- Affidavit of Support

Step 7: Eliminate terms Permanent Status for Bridal couple Permanent residence received through marriage is conditional, meaning the Green Card couples couple pairs will expire in 2 years. and must file an I-751 petition to remove this conditional status.

Download Form I-751 – Click here

Required Documents from Sponsorship for K-1 Application

Required Documents from United States citizens filing petitions for their fianc�e to come and stay in the U.S. The following documents should be submitted at the USCIS office when applying.

Form I-129F Application for Foreigners (Form I-129F click here) If your fianc� have unmarried children under the age of 21, they are entitled to accompany your fianc�e, but only if they are registered on this form.
U. Citizenship Proof. Your U.S. birth certificate original, U.S. passport, Naturalization Certificate, or Certificate of Citizenship.
G-325A fills in the form of Biographical Data Complete and sign the G-325A Form, (form G-325A, Click here), one for your information (American) and one for your fianc� Information (foreigner).
Your Color Photos and Your Fianc� One color photo from you and another your fianc� is taken within 30 days of the application, for photo specification, Click here
Previous Marriage Documents (if ever married) Copies of divorce decisions, death certificates, or statements whether you or your fianc�e had been married before. Permission to marry Proof of permission to marry if you or your fiance are in the age limit of what. (For example, in some U.S. states, you must obtain special permission to marry if you are under 16.)

Documents Required for a K-1 Visa Application

The following documents should be provided by your fiance to the US consulate in his home country to apply for a K-1 Visa.A valid passport, valid for at least six months beyond the US stay.
Birth certificate
If ever married and divorced live or dead, divorce papers or certificate of death of previous partner to the applicant
Certificate of good conduct from the police of all dwellings since the age of 16 years
Health certificate
Proof of financial support – Form I-134 click here. (Must be sent by sponsors from the United States.)
Application for Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form DS-160 Click here
Photo visa non-immigrant 5×5 white background, specification click here
Evidence of the fiance's relationship – the engagement photo.
Visa Fee Payment, for Fee Visa list Click here

The embassy or consulate consulate in which you are applying for a K1 Visa will notify you of the additional special requirements needed to complete your visa application, such as "where to go For medical examinations required"

Suggestion: always bring original documents to the interview session, do not carry document copy.

What if my K1 visa is refused?

If your fiance visa application is rejected, the rejection letter will tell you how to file an appeal. Generally, you can file an appeal within 33 days of receiving a letter rejection. Your appeal must be filed on the USCIS I-290B Form. Appeals should be submitted to the office making the original decision. Once the appeal form and the requested fee are processed, the appeal will be filed to the Administrative Appeals Unit (AAU) in Washington, DC.

How much does it cost?

Charges are charged for the following services:

Filing Alien Fiance Petition, Form I-129F – $ 340USD
Archiving I-130 – $ 420USD
Medical examination (fees vary depending on spot check)
Cost of fingerprint (if required)
Other costs include translation and photocopying fees,
Fees for obtaining documents required for visa applications (such as passports, police certificates, birth certificates, etc.).
Application Form I-485 Application for Registration of Permanent Residence or to Increase Status $ 985 plus $ 85 biometric fee with total $ 1070.

By: Harry Salim

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