How to Get Directions on Android with Donald Trump’s Voice

How to Get Directions on Android with Donald Trump's Voice

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Well for you who like traveling and culinary, of course you often use the online map application to get to the destination. Like Google Maps and Waze for example.

But for you who want to be different and want to get the direction of navigation with the voice of the 45th United States president Donald Trump, can! Here's how.

How to Get Directions with President Donald Trump's Voice

To perform the task, we will rely on an application called Karta GPS – Offline MAP available on Android and iOS.

Download and Install Karta GPS – Offline MAP

Of course, Donald Trump is not the default voice of the Karta app. But, you can download it for free in the application. Here's how.

First download and install the Karta GPS app on the Google Play Store or App Store for iDevice users.
Open the app and select the options menu at the top left.
Continue to select "Download" and select "Mr. President" in the "Voices" section.
If so, reopen the menu and select "Settings".
In the "Voice" section, then select "Mr. President".

Done, now you can route directions accompanied with the voice of the US president. Try it directly, select Search, type in the destination, and choose directions.

The final word

In addition, the features of other GPS Karta, among others, can be used offline (download first). There is also a speedometer, a speed meter that will read how fast your vehicle is and also get suggestions to find something interesting around you. Good luck!Also read articles about Applications or posts from other Lukman Azis.

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