How to Get MONEY ONLY with Smartphone Capital

How to Get MONEY ONLY with Smartphone Capital

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Cieee who uses a new smartphone. Hayo admitted, who here who runs out new smartphones with money THR money? Congratulations. Hopefully your smartphone is durable, and can benefit for the future.

Speaking of smartphones, have you ever thought of making extra money with your smartphone? If so, the Rat Way there are tips to earn extra money just with a smartphone capital.

How to Earn Extra Money

If you can make money with your smartphone, you will no longer worry about pulse and quota issues. Well, if you can get a lot of money, it's not impossible you can buy a new smartphone to replace the smartphone you are now using, right? Hence, yuk get additional money via smartphone in the following ways:

1. Use Micro-tasking Application

Some smartphone applications already offer a lot of micro-tasking services in return for cash or credit. Just by doing a special task given in the app, you can earn money. Want? An example of the application is a Snapcart that will give you cashback from the shopping cart you're photographing, or Cashtree that gives you credit if you frequently unlock your smartphone.

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a cool term for activities to help sell other people's stuff. In the era of online shop that increasingly mushrooming, you can really open a store without having to have items to be sold. The point is that you are promoting other store-owned items in your social media account, or even in your own online shop account.

Later every time any buyer comes in to you, your job is to call the seller to deliver the goods to the consumer who buys you. Exclamation right? To do dropshipping you can use BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, or Instagram account.

3. Sell Services

Can you jailbreak your iPhone? Or good at any Android smartphone problem? Or do you know how to hack into iCloud or Google Account locked smartphone? If so, sell your services through your social media channel. Guaranteed pocket money will continue to flow if you sell services from your expertise.4. So Influencer

In the middle of the era of the Internet of Things, vendors and manufacturers began to glance at business over the internet. Well, if you are a celebrity in social media and have a lot of followers, you can really earn money with just a snack capital smartphone. By endorsing the product in your social media account, it is guaranteed that you will get extra pocket money with ease.

5. So Tim Hore

Sssst, do you know if ahead of big events like the election there is always a special team formed? The cool language is 'team hurray'. Where the task of this team is to enliven an issue raised to the public. Later this team will be given a special fee.

Requirement to be a team hore, you must have many followers. Relax, kalo follower mah problem you can buy thousands of followers active in seller follower. How. interested to be 'tim hore'? Only capital of smartphones and follow ramein doang loh you can get pocket money.

6. Selling Stock Photos

If you have a smartphone equipped with capable camera technology and have enough photography skills, why not try to sell stock photos? Diligent-hunt for photos in nature and the environment, then upload your photos to the site stock photo provider. If your photo is cool, it's not impossible that someone will use it for business purposes, right? And of course they have to pay the copyright.

7. So Freelancer

Promoting your skills on LinkedIn is a wise move to develop wings in the outside world. It's not impossible anyone is interested to recruit you as a freelance who work at home only capitalized smartphone if you have interesting skills in your LinkedIn account. One of the freelance services that can be done with a smartphone is to be a writer, like being a contributor on JalanTikus to get a prize of Rp 50.000, – per post. And many other services.

How, a lot of ways to get extra pocket money through this smartphone? Instead of a new smartphone you are only used to chat or play games doang, mending try to make capital to find additional money right?

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