How To Get Out Of The Effect Of Drugs

How To Get Out Of The Effect Of Drugs

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The effects of drugs are very worrying lately, especially for those who just stepped into adolescence. Adolescence is a period that is very easily affected, one of which is the influence of the dark world (drugs). They have never thought about the tremendous impact on health and the future. Already many teenagers die in vain from drugs, and that must be realized by other drug users, that death is waiting in front of the eye, if not immediately stopped. It's not easy to get out of the drug addiction, but I'm here to try to help you who have already entered the world of drugs. This article I will discuss about how to get out of drug dependence.

There are three main factors that cause teenagers fall into the world of drugs, the factors are:

Environmental factors, namely the main factors that cause adolescents fall into drugs.

Family factors, namely a family that is less harmonious, less love from parents, etc.

Lack of Faith, the influence of drugs due to lack of understanding of religion. Any religion does not allow, even strictly prohibit the use or abuse of drugs.

Drugs have a very powerful opium effect, so it is very difficult to escape from the dependence of the drug. To get out of the drug abuse the key comes from you. How to get out of the abuse of drugs that include:

Strong Intention

For those of you who fall into drugs, and want to get out of that world, it must have a strong intention to escape. With a strong intention (coming from the heart) to stop the effects of drugs, then all other members of the body will follow your heart.

Will and Action

How to escape from the subsequent dependence of drugs is with a strong will with real action. Intentions that you have cultivated in the heart to get out of drugs, it will grow the will that is accompanied by real action. Take action to stop gradually and slowly, because if forced, most will not be strong or successful.

Remember RisksSurely you do not want to die right? Well, by continuing to consume drugs, the death is getting closer. For that, remember the risk of death if you do not stop taking drugs. Indeed, life and death are the affairs of the Above, but by consuming drugs continuously, then you are indirectly asking God to take your life.

Request Family Support

The encouragement and support of the family will also be one way to get you out of drug dependence. For that, if you want to stop taking drugs, then be open and express your intention to get out of dependence with your kelaurgamu drugs. Surely as much as possible the family will help you to stop.

Close Yourself With God

The way out of the last drug addiction is to get closer to God. Remember the great sin you have committed, and it will be your account in the Hereafter. Means it is clear, it turns out the drug is not only miserable in this world alone, but also in the hereafter.

That's how to stop or get out of drugs. Hopefully the article can help you. Remember, care about your life and also love your future. Let not your youth be used for things that are of no use at all.

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