How to Get Rid of Sleep During Hours

How to Get Rid of Sleep During Hours

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Eliminate sleepiness during working hours there are various ways you can do. Drowsiness during work hours is very annoying, because automatically it will make you become less focused in doing your job or job. Another case if drowsiness comes when the hours are relaxing, because you can lagsung break.

Immediately I discussed how to remove the nagntuk taste whack during peak hours. That way include:

Expand Drinking Water

How to treat the first drowsiness is to consume enough water. Water makes your concentration increase, so you are less likely to be sleepy during your working hours.

Washing face

Immediately wash your face with cold water if still still drowsy. Wash your entire face up to the neck, guaranteed sleepy you gradually disappear.


How to get rid of drowsiness when your next busy is to inhale. Take a long breath through your nose, then remove it through your mouth. Do it continuously until sleepy lost.

Move Your Body Position

Movement your body while walking on the spot, it helps you to eliminate drowsiness. You can also move your head or hand, so with you move at least will reduce the drowsiness that comes.

Chat With FriendsHow to get rid of the last sleepy is to chat with friends. Chat with friends will help you forget your drowsiness, let alone being chatted is something exciting. But do not get bothered work, might-drowsy lost but the boss came angry.

Drowsiness during work hours is usually caused because you are less rested, then from that rest enough at home. If you have tried to sleep or rest enough but you are difficult to sleep (insomnia), then you should do regular exercise so you can rest well and quite.

Those are some tips to eliminate drowsiness whack in your busy moments. hopefully useful for you, and good luck !!!

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