How to Hack Headphones To Sound Tighter Without Root

How to Hack Headphones To Sound Tighter Without Root

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Music is a universal language known to everyone. Without music, it's ascertained that the world must be empty. As the technology progresses, music can be enjoyed anytime via smartphone.

When listening to music, the quality of speakers is the thing that determines how our experience of listening to music. Want as good as any music, if the speakers on your smartphone ugly, will reduce the pleasure of music that you listen to. So, let's hack your headphones so that the sound gets louder!

Make Sounds in Headphones More Without Root

You may be familiar with the application Viper4Android or commonly known as ViPER. This application is specially made to tweak the audio of the smartphone you use, unfortunately only for Android that has been rooted. Meanwhile, if not already in the root, the results will not taste.

To tweak smartphone audio without root, you can use Headphones Equalizer application. This app will tweak the sound generated through your headset or headphones. Download Headphone Equalizer before Jaka continue how to use it.

How to Use Headphone Equalizer

Headphones Equalizer works almost identically with Adapt Sound on Samsung smartphones. Here's how to use Headphone Equalizer:

If apk Headphone Equalizer is already installed on your Android, then you just open the application. And the first time, you will be faced with a pop up that contains a short tutorial.

Next, please you click the sign (+) next to the words No Headphones. It's the purpose to add the type of headphones you use. It will be very useful for those of you who have many headphones or headsets.

Please follow the instructions on the screen. You are told not to pair earphones or headphones too tightly in the ear, because the calibration process will issue high frequency sounds and commands to bring the headphone location to the speakerphone. Then just click Continue.

In the next stage, after completion of headphone calibration will take place Sound Adaption process. This is useful for adjusting the headphone settings to the environment and the type of headphones you use.During the Sound Adaption process requires a quiet and calm environment. If it turns out the condition is crowded, you can still do it anyway. Just click Continue.

Then let the Headphone Equalizer perform the Profiling process. Wait until the process is complete, then select Next.

As a result, an appropriate Equalizer preset will appear for your headphones. You can make the finishing touch by changing it, or just letting it go. Then select Next, and set its name.

To be able to feel the result, you must first turn on the equalizer. After that, it will appear in the notification panel of Headphone Equalizer mark is on.

Feel the difference in sound quality when using Headphone Equalizer with no Active Headphone Equalizer. If you do it right, it will produce a sound output that kick from whatever type of headphones you use. Good luck!

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