How To Handle a Hard Person

How To Handle a Hard Person

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Humans are created differently, both in terms of physical and character. Different characters of each other that we must understand, in order to be more careful in acting horns. One character of a person who must be faced with caution is a stubborn character. Stubbornness will make a person want to win alone, without thinking right or not. Well if you are facing someone who has a stubborn character like that, then you should do some things below to avoid the occurrence of conflicts or problems:

Give up

The best way to deal with the first stubborn person is to succumb, defeat does not mean to lose. If a stubborn person is faced with persistence, then what happens will cause trouble, and you will not get anything. Forgiven for good will be better, than not yielding but causing division.

Stay Away

Why linger against a stubborn person? Loss of heart and loss of mind, better stay just leave. people who have a stubborn character sometimes make small things big, just because of a difference of opinion.


The stubborn person is the one who thinks that he is the righteous, for that they (the most stubborn) are most praised, and rarely will be criticized for anything. it becomes a difficult thing if you have to lie, but there is no harm in lying for the good of hhhe.

Cuek Only

Sometimes you also have to be indifferent in the face of such a person. Silence and indifference may be the best way to keep you from being subjected to debate with such a stubborn person.

That's the easy way to deal with someone who has a stubborn character. Hopefully the following short article useful for you all.

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