How to Hide Files in a JPEG File

How to Hide Files in a JPEG File

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There are various ways to hide files on the computer. This you can do to hide important files that others do not want to know. You can change the file attributes to be invisible without using certain methods. In addition to changing file attributes to hide files, you can also create passwords or encrypt data.

Another way to hide files is to hide files in JPG formatted images. This method is quite simple and easy to do. You only need file compression applications / compressor files like WinZip, WinRAR or 7-Zip and DOS commands from the Windows operating system.

By using this method, you can hide various types of files, ranging from text, music, video, pictures and so forth without having to bother using program code, encryption and other technical matters.

How to Hide Files Using 7-Zip and DOS Command

Create a folder on drive D with the name Test (you can use any folder name).
Copy all the files you want to hide and copy a JPG image file in the folder you just created.
Note the original size of the file-image.jpg.
Drag all files except the image file, right-click the file and create the archive of the files. In the example, Mouse Path uses 7-Zip and compresses it in ZIP with the name You can use other formats such as .RAR which is the result of WinRAR's default compression.
Open DOS Command by clicking Start button, Run, then type CMD and hit enter.
Type copy file-picture.jpg + file-gambar.jpg and then press enter.
Look again at the test folder and see the file-image capacity.jpg which previously only ranged from 6.05 KB now to 6.15 MB. It shows that file-text.txt and file-mp3.mp3 is already in file-gambar.jpg.
Now, try to open file-gambar.jpg using 7-Zip application.
You can see inside the file there are two files that are another part of the picture. To re-view the contents of the file, extract it to another folder and open its contents.

This method is very effective to hide smaller text files. If you use this method to hide files with a large capacity such as video or music, it is likely that others will be suspicious because there is an awkwardness with too much capacity for a JPG file.

Well, with the help of 7-Zip you can easily hide files without the need to use a complicated encryption program.








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