How To Keep Friendship To Last

How To Keep Friendship To Last

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Friendship is something fun, because friends will always be there in joy and sorrow. But there are things that can cause a friendship is destroyed and dispersed, whereas someone would want a long lasting friendship. The destruction of friendship can be caused by many factors, including: betrayal, envy and spite, debate, rivalry, long-distance friendship, fake friends, etc. Therefore, to maintain the friendship it needs a mutual cohesion to maintain each other's friendship. Well besides that there are some things you should do to maintain friendship, among others:

Make a commitment together what the foundation of friendship. After that, keep each other's commitment in order to walk along the line.

Do not Saling Envy
Should be a friend was happy if his friend was successful or get a new boyfriend (eg). Do not be jealous, because as I said at the beginning, that the destruction of friendship is one of envy.

Because friendship is not just you, but it involves others, so to keep friendship durable it must have a sense of patience. There will be many different opinions and views from each other because your character and nature will be different too. Be patient in dealing with the situation.

Do not Be Rigid
You must be fluctified and not rigid, because in the relationship of friendship there will be various kinds of desires. Therefore do not be selfish and self-defeating.

Communication Mutual
To keep the relationship of friendship further is communication, this way will make friendship intimately because each other feel appreciated.

Equal And Same Flavor
Do not take precedence, because it must be the same. Treat your friends like what you want to be treated.

Friendship is like a cocoon, turning a caterpillar into a butterfly. Heheheh, even singing.

Keep the friendship in order to be durable until death separates (lebay a little). That is how to make friendship durable and lasting, may be useful.

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