How to Keep Good Relations with Neighbors

How to Keep Good Relations with Neighbors

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Keeping good relations with the neighbors is very important to you because in this world you can not live alone. Neighbors are the ones closest to you, and if anything happens to you the neighbors are the ones you can first ask for help, or if you're having a celebration, then neighbors are volunteering to help you.

But sometimes because of misunderstandings or the existence of an event, good relationships that have been established both with the neighbor will be tenuous. Therefore you must know how to maintain good relations with neighbors, in order to avoid conflicts that cause estrangement relationship. How to maintain good relations with the neighbor include:

Mutual help

When your neighbor needs help, then do not ever mind to help him. It will turn to you, when you need the help of neighbors, then the neighbors will be happy to help you. In essence, the neighboring life should help each other out. Help is the way to keep good relations with the first neighbor.

Do not Forget To Breathe When Meet

Sometimes because of your busy life, it will make your relationship with the neighbors do not run properly. It can be overcome by mutual greeting each other when meeting with neighbors.

Be a Polite Person

How to maintain good relations with your next neighbor is you have to be a polite person. Neighbors will appreciate you if you value them, and neighbors will respect you if you are polite.

Do not be arrogant

Stay a low self-esteem so that your neighbors like you, because the arrogant attitude wherever they are will not be liked by others. Do not like to show off what you have, because it will actually make your neighbor hate you.

Try To Follow All Environmental ActivitiesHow to get closer and maintain good relations with the next neighbor is to always try to follow all the activities undertaken by the environment where you live. If because of the busy you are living make you can not mengiuti activity, then you should ask permission to head of residence environment exist.

Visiting Neighbors When You're Not Busy

How to maintain good relations with the last neighbor is to visit a neighbor when you do not have busy. By stay in touch, then the relationship with the neighbors can be more closely. Or at least when there are special moments (eg Eid), you are in touch with your neighbors.

That is how to maintain good relations with neighbors, may be useful for you all. Again I stress that you can not live alone in this world, so do good with the neighbors.

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