How To Know Loyalty Of Wife

How To Know Loyalty Of Wife

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As a husband certainly want a solekhah wife (including faithful in it, because solekhah wife is definitely faithful). Today, in today's modern era is not only men who cheating affair, has proven many women can also commit an affair. This is certainly not in your desire as a husband right?

Actually you do not need to test it, because as a husband you have to believe it. But if you still intend to test the loyalty of the wife, no need to ask someone else to watch him. You also do not have to ask your wife about it, because it will make him feel no longer trustworthy. Then how? There are several ways to find out, among others:

Cheating is a lie, so see if your wife is an honest or not. What he says must be based on evidence and facts. If your wife is dishonest, it is your responsibility to direct her from becoming a wife's habit. Whatever the reason, honest should be above everything. If your wife is a woman who likes to lie, then you have to be more careful not to lie also about her feelings.

Not open
It is better to be open despite illness, than the wife is not open about a thing (and you know from others). Watch if your wife is open about everything, and you should listen to whatever your wife wants to tell (though that sounds unimportant to you). If you do not care what your wife tells you, do not be sorry if she tells another guy. That's the beginning of an affair.

Rarely Want to Serve Husband
Another sign of whether your wife is unfaithful is to refuse when asked to make love (except sick or tired). The wife's passion will decline for a long time against her husband if she has a PIL (another man's dream). But if he still seirng serve you make love, and sometimes even he who invited then there is nothing else you need to worry about.

Often Going Without Goodbye
You need to give your wife some leisure time to do activities with her girlfriend. If you ban too much, it is not impossible that he will be secretive and not farewell. But looseness here does not mean to let all the activities, still there batasanya.

Cuek With Your Appearance
Try using an unusual shirt or pants, or out of your grip. Notice whether he commented on it or just ignored it. A good wife will do the best for her husband's honor, so if you wear an unworthy outfit she should have reprimanded. If he is ignorant, then that means he is not concerned anymore.

Not Giving News At a Distance
There are times when you are separated for a while, whether it's a job or other business that requires you to be separated. Well whether he asks you, or reminds you to keep health or not. If he does not care about you at all, try those of you who start it to ask him (for today), try tomorrow let him call me. If he still does not care, there's a chance he's starting to change his anger towards you.

That's some way to know the loyalty of a wife, but you have to remember that there must be evidence and do not come from accusations (if you do not want your household to fall apart). Find the kebenaranya first, just thinking of the next lagkah. Hopefully bermafaat for you and hope your household always harmonious and harmonious until the end of life later.

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