How To Maintain Simple Hygiene

How To Maintain Simple Hygiene

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Cleanliness is the key to health. Unfortunately cleanliness is always associated with something expensive. Though the assumption was not always true, the article is a way to maintain simple hygiene. Here's a reasonable and simple clean way:

Maintain reasonable hygiene, among others:

Wash hands with soap before and after meals, after handling objects or after a bowel movement and small water.

Cleaning up the environment.

Simple way is simply sweep and mop every day than that make sure in the house there is air sanitation so that air can change every day.

Consume clean hygiene food.

Wash clean vegetables or fruits before consumption or cooking. cook in the right way so that the nutritional content is maintained. If you want to drink boiled water until really cooked.

Cleaning cutlery or drinking.

Clean enough by washing with soap and keeping it in a clean place. If for the little immunity is still a little better in stiril.

Do not take antibiotics carelessly.

Anti-biotic is often used if the body feels pain, and who often wear the children in the age of five. The use of antibiotics in children expect to get well soon. Sometimes there are also parents who take antibiotics without a prescription. As long as we know not all diseases can be overcome with antibiotics. The use of antibiotics carelessly will actually make the germ stronger and weaken the immune system.Immunization.

Immunization is important for strong child immunity, should be done regularly according to the schedule in the set.

Eat nutritious foods.

Nutritious food is highly recommended for our bodies, especially children for the immune system, especially children remain optimal.

Physical activity.

Having a child who is nosy / active sometimes make parents head confused how to overcome it, but do not be too dizzy justriu child like this a healthy child. In addition, parents are often dizzy because their children are physically active with dirty things. Things like this should be let alone, provided we know dirty play-dirt has the benefit of being able to provide greater protection from the outbreak of disease in the future. This is because the body already recognize various germs and can adapt. It's just necessary to remember the child in may play dirty-dirt when his body really fit and clean his body after playing.

That's a simple clean way. May be useful.

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