How to Make a Garden on the Roof Home

How to Make a Garden on the Roof Home

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Limited land is not the reason to green our homes. Many solutions that can be an option, among them is to create a garden on the roof of the house or roof garden. Park above the roof is as one of the alternative greening to improve the quality of environmental health in big cities. In addition to adding shade, the garden on the roof (roof garden) can also be used to absorb toxic gases.

The garden is located on the roof of the house has been long enough known to the public. Even in Jakarta many buildings that apply the concept of this park as greening the building.

We recommend that you choose a land with a light mass or use Instant planting medium so as not to create excessive load on the roof. Also for the plants themselves, set the correct composition so as not too tightly, also should choose a filler plants such as mild grass, plants that are not flowering, shrubs. Indeed this requires its own expertise, which is generally owned by landscape services or garden architect services. Apart from that also need to be reminded that the selected plants should have certain characteristics and characters, such as being able to withstand sunlight and do not require too much water.

In making the garden on the roof is not too difficult. Enough with 44 square meters of land you can create an adequate roof garden. To note is the problem of drainage, especially for the disposal of water plants or rain water that is accommodated on the media. Do not let the building leaks due to its improper drainage system. One solution for a good drainage system is to provide a certain slope on the roof of the concrete. This will certainly make the water will flow into the drain properly.

There are several stages in making a roof garden, and here is the stage:

– Coating with water proofing. Allow for a day to dry completely,

– Aci, ie the addition of a cement layer, requires drying for a day,

– Provide a water drainage layer (drainage cell) and a retaining layer (geotextile).

After the above process has been done, then given the ground and ready to plant plants. Planting begins grass, shrubs, and then plant trees. To prevent damage to the waterproof layer, the retaining layer should be added so that the plant roots do not damage the waterproof layer and the concrete underneath.

Here is how to choose suitable plants in planting in the roof garden:Characteristics of plants

– Resistant to direct sunlight (hot plants), It is important to note considering the location of plant growth on the roof, which has a distance closer to the sun than ordinary gardens.

– Avoid rooted plants thrust down like palms. Choose which has the roots spread and the growth is slow, Example: pagoda tree.

– Has a flower growth that is often / diligent flowering, Example, roses, jasmine, tread virgin, bougainville.

– Has a lot of branching to create a somewhat leafy shape. Example: pagoda tree, frangipani.

Types of plants commonly used

– Soft-trunked plants, among them, aracea, rulea, lili paris brasil, yellow pandanus, blood blotch.

– Strong trunked plants, among them, bougainville, frangipani.

– Flowering plants, among them, roses, jasmine.

Because plants on the roof are exposed to direct sunlight and stronger winds, watering should be done periodically.

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