How To Make A Simple Air Conditioner Without Electricity from Mineral Water Bottles

How To Make A Simple Air Conditioner Without Electricity from Mineral Water Bottles

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Citizen6, Jakarta – The idea of ??cooling the room with a bottle of mineral water came from Daulatdia, Rajbari, Bangladesh. A country in South Asia is often hit by hot weather up to 45 degrees Celsius.

The average population in Balngladesh has a low economy, although the temperature is very hot they will think twice about buying Air Conditioner (AC). Instead of air conditioning, more than 28,000 people are still living without power in their little huts. So very unlikely, citizens wear a fan.

Therefore, there is an initiative to expel the heat in a very simple way. A social media account Bang-Lish Bhaichainchain describes the process of making the air conditioner.

First of all it takes only a plastic bottle of mineral water and a board width as needed. The plastic bottle was then cut in the middle and taken top. Then the top of the bottle is inserted into a hollowed out board the size of a bottle cap.

At first glance, we will not believe how the bottles will cool the room temperature is very hot. It turns out how it works similar to the mouth when blowing wind.

The wind that enters through the center of the bottle will be slammed through the bottle cap with a harder pressure. So that the wind will blow repeatedly will make the room temperature becomes cool.

In the video also explained, the idea of ??cooling the room with this bottle is the most alternative way that can be done by residents who have not used electricity. Proven bottle mineral water was able to reduce the heat temperature of 5-10 degrees Celsius.

Curious, take a good look at the videos.

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