How to Make a Smoke Emergency Mask with Aqua Bottle and Coca-Cola

How to Make a Smoke Emergency Mask with Aqua Bottle and Coca-Cola

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The spread of smoke from forest and land fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan has become widespread. The smoke haze that previously hit some cities such as Riau, Jambi, Palangka Raya, Pontianak, Palembang, and Lampung; even now the thin smog had reached Jakarta. What have you done in addressing this smoke haze disaster? Instead of you busy teasing the government in social media or through DP BBM, you better act and try to make a simple emergency mask as a respiratory disorder prevention.

As a young generation, you should be concerned about national issues. As in the Youth Pledge stated that we are one nation, the nation of Indonesia. So, the smoke haze of Riau and other cities, should be our concern as the nation of Indonesia.

Emergency Mask As A Respiratory Disorder

Due to the haze in Riau, Palangkaraya and other cities, the usual disposable standard mask has been unable to counteract the smoke effects so that it enters the respiratory cavity. Impact, respiratory disorders many people hit. Given the thick haze, the option to go back and buy a mask is not a wise choice because it can make things worse.

Then the option of making an emergency mask to get cleaner air should be sought. Although the use of masks is not comfortable to use in the long run, but the mask is very important to prevent respiratory problems.

Tools for making emergency masks

Medium-sized mineral water bottle
Bottled mineral water or soft drinks large size
Small towel or thick cloth
Masking tape
Cutlery (scissors or cutter)

How to make

Cut 3/4 of the bottom of a medium-sized mineral water bottle.

Next, please hide around the bottom of the bottle that you cut earlier. The more holes, the better will be for air circulation.

Please wet the small towel or thick cloth that had been prepared, then squeeze. Then roll the cotton wet towel.Put a small towel or a thick cloth that has been filled in the cotton on the bottle that has been drilled earlier. Make sure the roll is attached to the edge of the bottle perforated, the goal is to function as a maximum filter.

Glue back the top of the bottle that had been cut with a bottle that has been drilled and filled with a towel using masking tape. After this, then the preparation to make the filter has been completed.

Next, cut sideways on top of a large bottle of mineral water or soft drinks. This bottle is used as a suction tool, so you just adjust the slope about fit to use for sucking.

After the filter and suction are ready, you just stick the neck of the small mineral bottle with the large bottle neck you have cut. Done.

In order not to feel pain due to the edge of the bottle that has been cut, you can coat the edges of the pieces in the sucker with tape.

Well, as an Indonesian youth, let's practice how to make this emergency mask to be used in emergencies such as smog in Riau, Palangka Raya and other cities.

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