How to Make CCTV Camera with Android

How to Make CCTV Camera with Android

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Who is not familiar with CCTV Cameras? Recording cameras commonly used in the environment where we live or where we work, are very commonly found. With the CCTV, we no longer need to visit these places directly to know the situation and the circumstances that are happening.

The price for the installation of CCTV cameras is quite expensive now, so from this time Jaka will give a little trick so you can make your Andorid smartphone into CCTV camera.

But before starting the steps, first prepare the required components:

An Android smartphone that will be used as CCTV
A computer or laptop that can certainly connect to Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi network to connect between your computer or laptop with Android
Webcam IP app
VLC Media Player to display images from your Android

If all the components you have prepared, we start to the next step. Here are the steps:

Install the Webcam IP application that has been downloaded earlier

Open the Webcam IP app, after open then you scroll down and click Start Server. After that your smartphone will go into camera mode and there is a URL that is at the bottom of your smartphone screen

Install VLC Media Player on your computer or laptop, then click Media menu then select Open Network Stream

Enter the URL found on your smartphone with http: // URL / videofeed format. (e.g. the URL on your smartphone is changed to and then click Play

To speed up or stabilize the video movement, simply click on Playback menu and select Speed ??then you select Faster (nice)

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