How To Make Easy Green House

How To Make Easy Green House

Image source:, Jakarta Living in the midst of a healthy and comfortable environment would be the desire of us all. Unfortunately the current environmental conditions are increasingly concerning. More and more nature is damaged and ironically most of it is caused by human hands alone.

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It is not the government's job to keep and restore the damaged environment, we as good citizens can also help create a healthy and comfortable environment. One that can be done is to create an environmentally friendly residential design.

It is not difficult, really, to make an environmentally friendly home. Check out the following five tips from!

1. Do not cut down trees

If you have a home page full of shady trees, do not cut down the trees. Let it grow naturally in the yard of your home. The more trees planted the better.

Trees and plants in the yard are useful to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide around your dwelling. That means reducing air pollution that also causes global warming.

Trees in the yard will make the atmosphere more shady and cool because it indirectly blocking the sun penetrate into the house. You no longer need to continuously turn on the cooling chamber that requires great energy.

2. Expand openings or ventilation

Make a dwelling with lots of openings or ventilation to facilitate air circulation and sunlight into the dwelling. By utilizing the sun, the house no longer needs lights during the day.

In addition, the temperature inside the house will also always be well preserved, not too hot or humid, so you do not need air conditioner (AC). AC not only produces cold air, but also emits triple air over heat.Imagine, right, what if your dwelling has four AC units? In addition, freon substances released in the air can also dilute the ozone layer that is useful to protect the earth and living things from exposure to harmful ultra violet radiation.

Green House

3. Friendly material

Reduce the use of original wood materials. Genuine wood furniture is more luxurious look, but our forest is getting thinner. Try switching to a more friendly material. Currently there are many manufacturers that produce environmentally friendly materials.

You can use materials, such as laminate floor, gypsum, triplex, MDF, mild steel, aluminum, or PVC. Besides the cheap price, the treatment is easier. The quality is no less with the original wood, durable and durable. You can also use the used goods to decorate the house.

Go Green

From now on start to change your lifestyle to go green. You can apply go green with your own vegetable and fruit gardening, make biopori and absorbing wells to collect rainwater, collect organic waste to make compost, and so on.

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You can also use solar panels to absorb solar energy that can be utilized for energy sources in your dwelling.

5. Presenting the natural atmosphere in the middle of the dwelling

There are many things that can add to the beautiful atmosphere of your dwelling. You can keep dogs, cats, fish, or birds. Decorate also your home with lots of green and beautiful plants.You can also add a fish pond with a fountain. These things are guaranteed to make your home a great place to relax while enjoying the fresh air.

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