How to Make Fried Noodle Chicken Fillet Chicken Delicious

How to Make Fried Noodle Chicken Fillet Chicken Delicious

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Recipes make chicken fried filet fried noodle actually is not difficult, as long as done with the correct recipe then it will create a delicious and delicious race. Materials used are also not difficult because there are around you.

Mie goreng is a menu of faforit when tired of eating rice, because in addition to the way of making the easy and simple, fried noodles also have a delicious taste if true in pembuatanya. Well to guide you in making the delicious fried noodles, here I will give a recipe to make chicken fried chicken noodle fry. Then how to make it? follow the following recipe:


200 grams of egg noodles, boiled and drained
2 tablespoons soy sauce
tbsp soy sauce
1 chicken thighs filet, cut small box
5 pieces of meatballs, cut 4 parts
1 egg, whipped off
2 stems of caisim, cut into pieces
2 pieces of cabbage, disuwir-suwir
2 large red chili peppers, in sloped slices
2 large red peppers, sliced ??tilted
4 cloves of shallots, finely chopped
1 leek, sliced ??tilted
tsp salt
tsp pepper powder
100 ml of water
2 tbsp oil for sauteing

How to make;

Stir well with soy sauce and soy sauce
Set aside noodles
Saute garlic until fragrant, chicken input until color change
Add the meatballs, mix well. Set aside on the edge of the frying pan, then input the egg, stirring until cooked.
Add caisim, cabbage, and chili. Stirring constantly until wilted, salt and pepper powder. Add the noodles and mix well,
Pour water, cook until the water soaked, then sprinkle the leeks.
Lift and serve.

That's the recipe how to make delicious fried noodles, may be useful for you all, and good luck.

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