How To Make Gorengan Gurih and Crunchy And Long Lasting

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Frying is a food you often encounter around you, and may also often be cooked to serve your family. Fried is very suitable served and enjoyed while relaxing with family and friends. But sometimes fried foods that you cook or fry less savory or quickly soft, this is due to several factors.

To make the fried you make is savory and crunchy long lasting there are some tricks and tips. Here are some ways to make fries more crispy and savory:

You should fry a maximum of 30 minutes before you serve. Or in other words you fry suddenly so that the fried is not mushy. That is the first way to make gorengan remain savory and crunchy.

How to make fried crispy and savory next is to fry when the oil is really hot (smoke out). In addition to fried not soft, frying with hot oil can also speed up the frying process.

Do not accumulate frying in oil, because it will make the frying process becomes old and the fried products will quickly soft or moist.

Put fried on the tissue is a way or tips to keep the gorengan remain savory and crunchy. Do not stack the fried into one, but place it lined up over the tissue so that the oil on the fried menmpel can be absorbed all, so that the gorengan remain savory when consumed.

Add sago or kanji starch to fried dough. Add a little sago / kanji flour, so that the resulting flavor remains delicious and delicious. By adding a small amount of sago starch or starch will make a savory fried durable.

Tips for further tasty fried food is to use good quality oil. And you need to know, do not use oil that has been used to fry many times. This is in addition to making the cuisine is not optimal, also not good for health.

You can also add a little betel and baking soda so that the resulting fried food is tasty although it has been fried long.

Enjoying savory fried and crunchy will add pleasure for those who consume them. That is tips or how to make fried crispy and gurh, also durable. May be useful.

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