How to Make Resin Pin

How to Make Resin Pin

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1. Prepare equipment and materials for the manufacture of resin plastic pins consisting of drawings, acrylic plastic adjusted to the shape of the image, and a resin set consisting of resin and catalyst fluid.

2. Cut the image that has been given double glue tape, then open the layer of double tape cover.

Description: the glue should be uniform so as not to cause air bubbles when drying process, can also use spray mount as glue.

3. Paste the image on acrylic plastic carefully.

4. Set the image to center position, then press the image until it is perfectly attached to acrylic.

Description: images that do not stick to acrylic will cause the results are not neat because the picture will be lifted.

5. Pour the liquid catalyst with a ratio of 1: 3 to the resin liquid.

Description: Use adjusted to the object to be poured with resin.

6. Pour the liquid catalyst in a 3: 1 ratio to the catalyst liquid.

Description: Use adjusted to the object to be poured with resin.

7. Pour on a plastic container.8. Stir the solution until evenly / homogeneously.

9. Pour a homogenous resin mixture on acrylic plastic that has been taped with the picture until evenly distributed.

Description: Pouring resin is not excessive, because the resin liquid will luber so the results become neat and acrylic plastic hard to remove from the base.

For the workmanship should be done in a clean place, flat (not tilted), and slippery mats such as glass or pelastik for easy removal.

10. Drag the resin liquid to cover the picture and acrylic evenly.

11. Let stand for drying, for 12 hours in a clean / dust-free place.

When air bubbles form during drying, the bubbles can be removed by pulling / throwing it with a needle / straw.

As accessories can be given keychains, pins, or magnets as you wish.

Resins can be applied to various media such as plates or other that have flat and flat surfaces.

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