How To Make Your Own Inokulan Gaharu

How To Make Your Own Inokulan Gaharu

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Gaharu plants are the most expensive plants in the world. One tree can make money up to 250 million rupiah.

The best quality of sapwood (gaharu) in the world market is Rp.50 million per kilogram. The price of the lowest quality Rp.5juta rupiah. One tree can produce sapwood up to 5 kg. In addition to sapwood, a by-product of gaharu trees is kedangan and ash gaharu.

Be careful with buyers or investors who are concurrent frauds.

Gaharu can be inoculated at the age of 3 years, and cut down the harvest at the age of 5-6 years. However, most farmers start to inoculate the gaharunya at the age of 5 years or when the stem diameter at breast height is 15 cm.

Artificial inoculation is necessary, so that in the gaharu tree trunk is formed sapwood. Without the inoculation process, sapwood can also be formed, but the chances are very small.

Inokulan that already so expensive, about 500 rb-800 rb / liter. Whereas the manufacture technology is very simple. Basically is fusarium spawning sp.

Early inoculation system, can be done with a small hole system, ie the trunk of a tree drilled with an electric drill. 3 mm drill bit diameter. The hole starts from 20 cm above the ground. The shape of the spiral circle hole upward. 10 cm vertical distance, 10 cm horizontal distance. Depth 1/3 stem diameter. Holy hamakan hole with cotton bud which is given 70% alcohol. Alcohol can be purchased at pharmacies. Then, into the hole inserted bamboo inokulan that have been prepared.

How to make inokulan

1.Feng water hyacinth is attacked Fusarium sp. Here's the picture: [/ caption] Can also use 'stem' banana that died withered fungus fusarium sp. Or cassava bulbs that rot because of this fusarium also.

2. Finely chopped.

3.Get the ginger stricken Fusarium sp. Search in ginger gardens, not in the market. Character, ginger leaves yellow and die, ginger dries and then shrinks, but does not smell bad. If the smell, the cause is not Fusarium sp. Here's the picture:

[caption id = "attachment_305997" align = "alignnone" width = "300" caption = "Ginger exposed fusarium sp."]

4. Ginger Paste.

5. Poured fresh potatoes 1 kg.

6. Mix all ingredients, stir evenly.

7. Put it on a thread covered with old newspapers. Flatten.

8. Put in the open, but the roof. Do not get rained.

9.After three days, spray a little with old coconut water that has been left a day.10.After 14 days, stir the material with mineral water bottle seliter.

11. Put the toothpick into it, leave it for 2 days.

12.Angkat toothpick, clean with brush, dry aired.

13.Save a toothpick in an airtight plastic.

14.Tokulan bamboo (toothpick) is ready to use. Note: water hyacinth and ginger can be replaced with the juice of stem banana (bark) that died due to fungus. Can also cassava tubes are attacked fusarium sp, character: the tree is still alive and erect, but the tubers have rot. Sometimes found mushrooms like white thread.

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