How To Overcome Bootloop On HP Android Without Flashing

How To Overcome Bootloop On HP Android Without Flashing

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Bootlop is a problem in HP android systems where android is not able to boot or star-up so that when you turn on the android phone can not be up to the main menu and only up on the HP brand logo. There are 3 kinds of bootlop cases that often occur, namely Light Bootlop, Medium Bootlop, and Hard Bootlop.

Of the 3 cases above, the causes and ways to overcome them also vary. Below is the explanation:

Light Bootlop

It usually happens due to your mistake when operating the main menu, and not using recovery mode. Light boot is usually only temporary, as android suddenly blank. The fix is ??by preserving your HP first, but if it gets there it is not like that in the desire then immediately remove your HP batrei and plug it back. Try turning it on again.

Bootlop Medium

It was caused by error because you tried to get into recovery mode and tried to install scrip that could harm your android. The solution is before you try to overcome it, then you should do a back up first so that later can be direstore if a problem arises.

Hard Bootlop

Of the three kinds bootlop above, hard bootlop is the most severe, because if your android exposed hard bootlop then the HP will only be up to the HP brand logo menu can not enter the main menu. Solution is to factory reset or factory reset (restore settings to factory settings). And this will result in all files and applications stored on the internal HP will be erased. Then divide the steps that you can take before you decide to take the HP to the service man:

Make sure your battery is fully charged, so when the process does not stop in the middle.
Starting from HP is off.
Press and hold the volume up button + power + home together. Press until recovery mode appears.
Use up volume to select factory reset.
If you have met, press the home button to start.
Wait a while the process is in progress, wait for it to finish.
Then select the Reebort System Now menu again.

But keep in mind, android affected hard bootlop can only enter into recovery mode when HP off or off. And one more, every HP brand sometimes different when going into recovery mode.

That is how to overcome the bootlop problem on your android, if the above has not been able to overcome the existing problems, you should take your service and Hp to the service man. Hopefully useful for you.

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