How To Overcome Love Forbidden

How To Overcome Love Forbidden

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When it comes to love it will never end, because love is a natural feeling that comes so suddenly and can not be planned before. Love also can not be forced, and you can not determine which love will be given to whom. If the love is shown to the right person and he returns your love, it is a very beautiful thing of course. But the different story if the love that comes to your heart is ditujukkan to someone who already married, or commonly called love of the nest. Your life will be complicated, and it must be stopped immediately. For that, in this article I will discuss how to overcome the forbidden love that ensnare your heart and mind.

His name alone is forbidden love or can be interpreted as an abnormal love and it should not be violated, then you should if you experience it immediately think to end the untrue story.

There are several ways you should do to overcome the forbidden love, among others:

Stay Away With Him

Javanese proverb says witing tresno jalaran seko kulino, meaning that love comes because of frequent meet and common together. Now to overcome the first forbidden love is when you begin to feel there is a seed of love growing in your heart against someone who already married, and he responds to your love, then you should avoid frequent face to face with him. If he is a friend of one's office, then it would be nice if you are looking for work outside, because if this continues to be left, it will make your life a mess. In addition you must remember that he already has yag got.

Thinking about her Pair

How to overcome the forbidden love next is to think about how his partner feels. Whatever the reason is, you will still be branded as a household destroyer if you let it continue. Just return it if it happens to you, your household is entered by a third person, can you accept that? the answer is definitely not not it ?. Well then you do not be selfish.

Karma Still Applies

Life is a law of cause and effect, what you planted that will you reap or harvest. If the forbidden love you let go and continue, then one day you will get karmanya. It may be difficult to think of this to the person who is being lulled with love, but remember that karma exists.

Remember God

Forbidden love is a great sin, then your business not only to his partner but more specifically to God. You have a religion do not you? And any religion will not allow that forbidden love.Love is beautiful when felt, but if love is a mistake then you should just stop and do not continue. Love is a gift, but not necessarily love must have each other.

That is how to overcome the forbidden love that entrap your heart, hopefully the article is useful for you, yes you hehehe. Get other interesting articles only at

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